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Product Hangar
The AircraftCaddy DNW Aircraft Pushback Tug
is ideal for larger aircraft up to
35,000 lbs. It works well on
single or dual nose wheels
and offers an electric
winch to pull aircraft
on to a lazy Susan.
It is battery-powered for
smooth and silent operations. With a
heavy-duty steel frame it is capable of traveling 0-3 mph forward/reverse.
The B950 is JBT's 31,750kg
to 45,360kg GVW tow/
pushback tractor capable
of servicing large RJs up to
B777/B787 aircraft. Easy to
operate, the B950 drives
like a car with automatic
transmission, front-axle
leaf springs, a tight turning
radius and available 4-wheel steer and 4-wheel drive options. Easy to maintain, the
heavy-duty pushback tractor has ground level access to nearly all maintenance
and service points and is available with an integrated hydraulic jacking system
and elevating cab. The reliability of the B950 is unparalleled with its " ring-of-steel "
protection, diagnostics capabilities and superior drive components.
The TLD TPX-100-E is a fully electric
towbarless tractor designed for the
pushback of most commuters, and singleaisle
aircraft up to 100 tons. The TPX
can now be fitted with a remote control
feature, allowing single-person operation
over the entire pushback event to offer
a faster, safer, more environmentally
friendly experience. The ergonomic cabin
also offers protection from the elements
to deliver flexibility for the operator.
Victory GSE has been specializing in buying,
selling, and renting quality aircraft ground
support equipment for over 50 years.
(800) 323-0558
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Editor's Note: EAGLE'S Efforts to Promote Unleaded Avgas
Business Buzz
Industry Expert Column: Break the Ground Damage Code
Support for Air Cargo
Ground Handlers' Green Plans
Perishable Cargo in the Pandemic Age
Autonomous Vehicles Gaining Traction in Ground Support
Goldhofer's Emission-free Towbarless Tractor
Product Hangar
Celebrating 30 Years
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march2022 - Editor's Note: EAGLE'S Efforts to Promote Unleaded Avgas
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march2022 - Industry Expert Column: Break the Ground Damage Code
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