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Ground Service Providers
" They are virtually indistinguishable
with the exception of the markings on
the end caps, " says Berry. " One says CDF
230 and the other one says CDFX 230. "
" So, if you start introducing the water
barrier filter, you have to be very careful
and thorough with the way you are
storing them or marking them, or what
vehicles have been transitioned over,
converted over to the water barrier filter, "
Guglielmi says. " What we don't want
and what the industry regulators don't
want is to see mixing, and potentially
mixing and matching of the two different
technologies. "
And it's more than just a hypothetical
possibility - during field trials of the
new filters, there was an instance of a
mix-up occurring.
" They went to go pull some of the
elements that were being tested in the
field trials and realized, well, somebody
put in monitor filters and not water barrier
filters. So that segregated storage is
important, " Berry says.
" You need to be very cautious of what
cartridges you're putting into your filter
vessel and that you're not potentially
mixing and using different cartridge
designs, " stresses Guglielmi.
Aside from DP differences and mitigating
the risk of mix-ups, the filters are
largely identical to the SAP filters.
" These cartridges are tested and
approved to remove both contaminate
and water levels within the specifications
required. So again, there's no requirement
for any additional equipment to
do that. There's no additional monitoring
equipment or any other equipment
that is required to add to your system, "
Guglielmi says.
The filters are also tested for use with
additives, as well.
Phasing In
As the roll out of water barrier filters
continues, SAP filters are still being
allowed at the moment.
" There's no longer specification for
the water absorbing cartridges - the
SAP monitor. However, they're still
being used under a guidance from the
ATA and JIG groups. And as long as
they're following those guidelines and
mitigating the risk, they can still continue
using them for the time being, "
Guglielmi said.
The Joint Inspection Group (JIG)
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is allowing the use of SAP monitors
through June 2023, after which they
will no longer be part of their standard.
Berry says he does not anticipate there
to be widespread adoption of water barrier
filters until closer to the 2023 date.
" I think the adoption rate is absolutely
going to depend on when people
can no longer use them, when they're
no longer accepted into whatever
standard it is that a refueling operator
is operating to, and in the US,
that's primarily the ATA 103, " Berry
says. " Outside the US, you've got that
June 2023 date. "
Berry says he anticipates the US
to mirror the June 2023 timeframe for
water barrier filter adoption. Adoption
before then will likely be influenced
by a company's cost analysis for
switching filters.
" If I have up to a year and I'm due
for a filter change, I'm going to save a
few pennies and go with the technology
that's still acceptable and still able to
be used, " he says. " But once that date
occurs or you get within a year of that
date, it wouldn't make sense to spend
X number of dollars on monitor filters
and then have to change them in six
months and go with the new ones. "
For example, in the general aviation
industry, fuel system icing inhibitor
(FSII) is often used.
" It's an anti-icing additive, and fuel
that is pre-blended with the anti-icing
additive can now be used with this
water barrier technology where it was
not allowed to be used with the prior
1583 monitor, " Guglielmi says.


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