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Business Buzz
dnata Extends
Partnership with GOL
Airlines in Brazil
dnata has extended its long-standing partnership with GOL
Airlines (GOL), a leading Brazilian low-cost carrier.
The extension of the contract will see dnata continue to
provide a range of passenger, ramp and baggage services
to the airline, ensuring a seamless airport experience
for more than 19 million passengers and safe and timely
departure of up to 133,000 flights annually across 20 airports
in Brazil.
Swissport Adds Another Large
Hub Operation to Its Network:
Rome-Fiumicino, Italy
Swissport began serving airlines at
Rome-Fiumicino - Italy's largest hub airport
- after successfully concluding consultations
with trade unions in early July.
" After constructive consultations with
trade unions, we are delighted to welcome
1,608 former Alitalia employees to
the Italian Swissport team, " said Marina
Bottelli, Swissport's general
manager Italy. " We
are excited to be serving
ITA Airways, the Italian
national airline, and other
customer airlines with safe,
cutting-edge and efficient
ground services from day
one and are well prepared
for the busy summer holiday season. "
In mid-May, Swissport was awarded
the contract for ground services at Rome
Fiumicino Airport by Alitalia - Società
Aerea Italiana S.p.A. in extraordinary
administration. Consultations with trade
unions began in June 2022 and were successfully
concluded on July 4. On July 14,
the company started to provide ground
handling at the airport.
Menzies Aviation Enters
Montenegro and Serbia
with New Joint Venture
Menzies Aviation has agreed to acquire
70 percent of Fly Montenegro Ground
Handling in Montenegro and Flystar
Aviation Services in Serbia, which both
Universal Aviation Expands
its Certified FBO Network in
Latin America and Caribbean
Universal Aviation, the FBO ground services
division of Universal Weather and
Aviation, Inc., announced it has expanded
14 || Ground Support Worldwide || September 2022
provide ground services at three airports.
Fly Montenegro Ground Handling
provides ground services at Podgorica
Airport (TGD) and Tivat Airport (TIV),
and Flystar Aviation Services provides
ground services at Belgrade Nikola Tesla
Airport (BEG). Menzies' initial focus will
be increasing the scope of services provided
and to attract new customers to its
portfolio, while also maintaining existing
customer relationships.
" I am delighted to announce a further
expansion in Eastern Europe with a joint
venture in Montenegro and Serbia, both
of which have significant potential for
growth, " Miguel Gomez, executive vice
president - Europe, Menzies, said. " Fly
Montenegro and Flystar have built up a
strong customer base over the past 13
years to become a leading ground services
provider. "
dnata's latest contract win cements its position as a leading
ground services provider in Brazil.
" We are proud to extend our successful partnership with
GOL Airlines across their extensive Brazilian operations, "
David Barker, dnata's divisional senior vice president for
airport operations, said. " We will continue to work hard to
provide the highest level of quality and safety for the airline
and its customers, every day. "
its presence in the Latin America and
Caribbean market with two new Universal
Aviation Certified member locations in
Guatemala City, Guatemala (MGGT) and
Luque, Paraguay (SGAS).
" Business aviation traffic to Latin
America and the Caribbean continues
to remain strong in most destinations,
exceeding pre-pandemic levels, " said
Adolfo Aragon, senior vice president,
Universal Aviation. " However, the traffic
influx combined with the global supply
chain issues and staffing shortages
presents new operating challenges. To
address this, we continue to identify
highly successful local handlers that
share our commitment to standards and
service. Bringing these new members
into our network reduces risk and eliminates
handoffs, one of the causes of trip
disruptions. "
The new Universal Aviation Certified
members include:
* Air Station S.A. at La Aurora International
Airport in Guatemala City,
Guatemala. Air Station has a 20-year
track record of success and can expedite
passengers and crew in and out of the
airport in 15-20 minutes for international
* Consorcio Aviation SRL at Aeropuerto
Internacional Silvio Pettirossi (SGAS)
Located in Asuncion, Paraguay. Consorcia
Aviation has more than 30 years of
ground operations experience and supports
all types of missions and aircraft,
including wide-body, cargo and medical.


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