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The Appeal of Equipment Pooling
A common-use GSE setup can offer benefits to airports,
airlines and ground service providers.
rior to the pandemic, ground support equipment
(GSE) pooling was high on the agenda of airports,
airlines and ground handling companies, mainly
driven by a desire to reduce ramp congestion and
improve on-time performance (OTP) at the most optimal
total turnaround cost.
" There have been multiple initiatives, the most notable
has been Luton Airport, which was one of the first airports
we supported to go towards GSE pooling at airport level, "
says Kristof Philips, chief operating officer of TCR. " Since
the successful go-live, many airports have visited Luton to
improve their understanding of how pooling can support their
respective ramp operations and help achieve their strategic
ambitions. "
Since Luton's GSE pooling project launched, COVID-19
impacted the aviation space as the world adapted. But Philips
says the industry can benefit from pooling post-COVID.
" Many actors on the airport are struggling to reach the right
staffing levels to support the aviation ramp-up. Also here,
pooling can help by reducing the need to move assets, in case
of a stand-allocated approach, resulting in a lower need for
ramp staff, " says Philips.
Why Pooling?
Pooling refers to the common use of ground equipment on the
ramp. A pooling setup can range from a fully centralized GSE
approach, where users pick up and return GSE at/to a central
location, or a stand-allocated scenario, where GSE is dedicated
to a unique stand.
In Luton where ground power units (GPUs), belts and
passenger stairs are dedicated to each stand and tractors
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are shared in zones, TCR implemented a hybrid model,
Philips explains.
" Here, the setup is like a pit stop approach in Formula One:
when the airplane arrives, they move in; when the airplane
leaves, they move out. The benefit is that an asset is always
there when needed, improving significantly on-time performance,
and reducing congestion as GSE movements are minimized, "
he says.
GSE pooling can also be a strong catalyst in support of
green projects.
" Having at a single moment in time an aligned strategy in
regard to battery choice, GSE fleet and infrastructure allows
a quick and smooth green transition. Whereas if every stakeholder
has to do it on an individual basis and pace, infrastructure,
chargers and GSE fleet mix will result in an almost
impossible transition journey stopping it from happening, "
says Philips.
GSE Pooling's Allure
Where pooling is appealing, and which setup is to be considered,
needs to be assessed at an individual airport level.
However, GSE pooling does not necessarily need to be implemented
at an airport level.
" An implementation of a pooling setup in a single terminal
or across a set of stands can be equally considered. Each
situation is different, and each solution differs case by case, "
says Philips.
Magnus Söderberg, business improvement director at Aviator,
observes that GSE pooling is more easily accomplished at
those airports where there is a dominant GSE lessor providing
the equipment.


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