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Agility Completes Acquisition
of Menzies Aviation, Will
Combine Business with NAS
Agility has finalized its acquisition of
UK-based John Menzies PLC and will
combine the business with its National
Aviation Services (NAS) business to
create a world leader in aviation services.
Once integrated, the combined
company will operate as Menzies Aviation
and will be the world's largest
aviation services company by number
of countries and second largest by
number of airports served.
The combined company will provide
air cargo services, fuel services and
ground services at airports on six continents.
Combined revenues of Menzies
and NAS exceeded $1.5 billion in 2021.
The new company will have approximately
35,000 employees and operations
at 254 airports in 58 countries,
handling 600,000 aircraft turns, 2 million
tonnes of air cargo and 2.5 million
fueling turns per year.
" Menzies and NAS will create the
world leader in aviation services, " said
Hassan El-Houry, who becomes chairman
of the combined company, having
previously held the role of NAS CEO.
" We will have the scale and resources
to expand and grow as the industry
recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Commercial aviation is a key engine of
global economic growth, and our customers
need partners they can count
on as flight volumes return. "
" With the combination of Menzies
and NAS, our customers will receive
world-class service, expanded product
offerings, and the industry's best
safety practices at airports on six
continents, " said Menzies Aviation
CEO Philipp Joeinig, who will be CEO
of the combined company. " Agility's
backing gives us the resources to provide
innovative solutions for growing
and forward-thinking customers, and
to develop our talent, technology, and
sustainability; critical factors for our
future success. It also means we are
well-positioned to support our customers
in tackling supply chain challenges
and labor shortages. "
The deal values Menzies at approximately
£763 million on an enterprise
value basis.
8 || Ground Support Worldwide || September 2022
Dec. 6-8
Dubai, UAE
Alliance Ground
International to Acquire
Airport Terminal Services
Alliance Ground International (AGI) is
set to acquire Airport Terminal Services
(ATS) as part of its ongoing growth strategy
across North America and into the
passenger operations sector.
ATS has more than 5,500 employees
and offers full-range ground handling
services, including passenger, ramp
and cargo handling, aircraft refueling
and deicing, as well as lounge and concierge
The acquisition means that AGI will
become one of the largest ground handlers
in North America.
" As AGI is a cargo handler working with
cargo freighter operations, this opportunity
with ATS will allow us to build
our presence in the airport terminal and
passenger side of the business, " said Jared
Azcuy, chief executive officer, AGI.


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