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RTA conducted an internal
analysis of options to speed up
the Canal Streetcar line. The
initial analysis focused on the
area between Carrollton Avenue and Harrah's Casino at the
foot of Canal Street, as well as
on three elements: speeding up
trip times, enhancing safety and
improving reliability.
"Right now, we're in the listening stage. We will spend the next 2
months or so hearing from riders
and the larger community about
some of those options [and gather]
their input and concerns. We're finalizing a robust outreach plan to
make sure we get that input from
residents, before a final decision
is made," said Neal.

A look to the future

Technology has and will continue to play a key role for RTA.
As Munster notes, the SMP contains specific guidance developed
through community feedback on
where technology can be brought
into the RTA.
This past year, RTA implemented a Computer Aided
Dispatch/Auto Vehicle Locator
(CAD-AVL) system and launched
a new mobile app, GoMobile 2.0.
"These new technologies have
given riders access to information
to help them plan and navigate
the system better than ever before," said Munster. "It's a game
changer. Real-time vehicle locations and alerts when services are
disrupted make a huge difference
for the riding public. When that
is integrated with an easy mobile
ticketing solution and trip planning, it's even better.
The RTA's GoMobile 2.0 app
incorporates real-time tracking
for bus and streetcars, trip planning and mobile ticketing for
all ticket types. A ticket may be
purchased using a credit or debit
card and then scanned once onboard a vehicle.
"Our passengers have responded well to the integrated
app, and some folks from oth-

20 |

RTA'S TOP techfocused priority in
2019 is improving
mobile and
online options
for its paratransit


have lots of
options to get
around and
we work hard
so that our
four transit
modes work
together for
our residents."
Board Commissioner
and Director
of the New
Mayor's Office
of Transportation

Mass Transit | | APRIL/MAY 2019

er transit authorities have even
approached us about it - asking
how we pulled all that together
into a single, passenger-friendly
platform," said Munster.
RTA has also added an online performance dashboard to
the website at the
beginning of 2019 and plans to
launch an online chat feature for
the Rideline call center, add a
dashboard to track the progress
of the Strategic Mobility Plan, incorporate new technology to provide information in the new ferry
terminal building and explore the
option to track the ferries on the
mobile application all before the
end of the year.
Munster notes that the RTA
hopes to make major advances on
its top technology priority in 2019:
improving mobile and online options for its paratransit passengers.
"The RTA works hard to stay
abreast of new technologies by
working closely with tech partners, attending conferences and
gathering new ideas from staff
members," said Munster. "Our
approach is to keep close tabs on
emerging technologies and what
other agencies are considering
and implementing. When we see
good ideas that match the SMP,
we look at incorporating them."
Munster explains that the
RTA aims to evaluate technology
through the lens of what would
make transportation more convenient for passengers.

"Our driving focus is to improve every step of the passenger
experience - to remove any friction or pain points and make it
even easier and more seamless
for people to use transit. The RTA
strives to make sure technology
investments do not come at the
expense of service supply. We
understand providing efficient,
reliable service is a priority," said
Munster. "The RTA is continuously balancing the addition of
technology improvements with
the basics of providing on-time,
lean, safe service with capacity
for everyone."
As RTA prepares for its future
through its SMP and through new
technology, it also recently underwent a change in top management
with the appointment of Darryll
Simpson as general manager for
Transdev, in service to the RTA.
Board Chairman Daniels explains
Simpson was named to the position for several reasons: he is an
operations expert, he knows how
to provide great service and he is
committed to helping the RTA
achieve its vision for mobility.
Simpson has held successively
senior roles in the transit, paratransit and rail industry during
his 30-year career. Transdev
credits Simpson with bringing
the Atlanta Streetcar to full compliance with Georgia Department
of Transportation and Federal
Transit Administration regulations. He most recently served as
general manager for Milwaukee's
streetcar service.
"Darryll is a unique talent in
that he has deep, hands-on experience with the multiple modes operated by the RTA. He is dedicated
to achieving excellence through
continuous improvement. He'll
work to connect with passengers
and advocacy groups and build
trust. He will be a great addition
to our team as the RTA prepares
for its next chapter in improving
public transit in New Orleans,"
said Mike Setzer, Transdev president of the Transit Division.

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