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Rail Contractors
culture that gets the job done and brings
workers home safely every evening. Since
our members routinely work for freight
and passenger rail customers, they are able
to provide expertise on the best methods,
equipment and services out there in the
industry, " said Ginsberg.
He mentions several technologies and
types of equipment NRC member companies provide transit agencies such as
ground penetrating radar, lidar, modified
machines built to fit reduced clearances
and technical staff to supplement the
agencies' engineering team.
" By bringing in these additional resources, contractors are able to solve old problems such as bridge life extension through
detailed inspection and repair strategies all
while keeping transit operations safe for
the ridership, " said Ginsberg. " Additionally, contractors are equipped to solve other
issues that previously could not be detected such as internal rail defects and finding
trapped water in the sub-ballast. This highly
technical work requires the right equipment

and the right expertise. Duplicating this inside the agency would take years and lots
of dollars where contractors possess the
needed expertise today. "
Ashley Wieland, NRC president, offers
up that clearly written Request for Proposals and long-term funding/planning with
agencies to increase contracting out as two
major ways to promote a mutually beneficial relationship. However, she recognizes
there is give-and-take required.
" It is a two-way street and agencies
need to have the willingness to seek out
and utilize contractors just like contractors need to sometimes assume additional risk and bring enhanced flexibility to
the agency, " said Wieland. " The NRC
Transit Committee is working to regularly collaborate with key transit leaders
to promote growth and opportunities for
our member companies to serve transit
agencies' needs. Our committee members focus on increasing awareness and
education about the competitive work
methods and latest technology that NRC

members utilize to create safe and efficient transit operating environments. "
She explains NRC member contractors
work as an extension of agencies to provide turnkey maintenance programs customized around their specifications and
believes the flexibility these contractors
provide from a cost, efficiency and technology standpoint help public agencies
deliver safe, quality service.
" NRC members can support a transit
agency's goals by providing maintenance
programs with dedicated resources such as
work force, equipment, facilities, planning
and reporting. NRC contractors can utilize
their track and signal expertise and conduct
regular inspections, testing, maintenance
and/or upgrades to infrastructure. Having
this expertise contracted out can help the
transit agency operate more efficiently and
focus on big picture goals for their network,
which may also encompass other operations like buses, ferries, bike shares and
paratransit, " said NRC Transit Committee
Chair Marc Hackett of Loram.


Calling all railway
contractors and

If Your World Revolves Around Passenger Rail,
Then Your World Involves The NRC.
The NRC is a U.S. trade association comprised of contractors and suppliers who build and maintain
heavy, light and commuter rail lines, streetcars and people movers along with freight railroads.
Our 400-plus member companies work in all 50 states and perform more than $10 billion of work
annually to keep the U.S. economy moving ahead. We are united in our mission to build a safer and
stronger railway construction and maintenance industry.

National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc.
80 M St. SE, Washington, DC 20003
202.975.0365 l l @theNRC

For more information, visit

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Mass Transit

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