Mass Transit - 6


Recap of the year in two parts
A review of 2020 pre-March and post-March
show a transit industry on two separate paths.


typically use the final column of the year to offer a review of
what stories were trending during the previous 12 months.
For a year as jagged as 2020, this task will have to be broken
up into sections. COVID-19 dominated our coverage, our
business and all our lives from mid-March onward. However,
the first eight to 10 weeks of 2020 looked like it was shaping
up to be a very different year.

Between January and mid-March, stories covering new technology
were grabbing our readers' attention, such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's successful pilot of ultra-wideband technology and the
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority's testing of new wayfinding
technology. New fleets were also popular stories including Amtrak's new
Acela fleet traveling to Colorado for testing, the first look at Texas Central's interior layout of its train and the Orange County Transportation
Authority debuting 10 new hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses.
As the pandemic became more pervasive, there was a noted shift in
coverage. Instead of next generation communication technology, the
focus was on anti-viral cleaning protocols, reduced service levels, the
suspension of fare collection and trying to support and protect frontline
industry employees. The pandemic's financial impact to the industry and
both the U.S. and Canadian governments' efforts to provide financial aid
with the U.S. CARES Act and Canada's
Safe Restart Agreement were all top
As the pandemic stories in the second part of 2020.
This year also brought unexpected
became more
benchmarks - both good and bad. One
pervasive, there of the good: The magazine's website
was a noted shift added one million new users. While I
think editorial efforts can fairly claim a
in coverage. portion of that success, I also believe it
speaks to the informational needs of the
industry, which are greater in times of
From the Mass Transit team, thank
you for reading. We wish you good
health in 2021 and look forward to
continuing to share your stories.

Mischa Wanek-Libman, Editor
 224-324-8532


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Mass Transit

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