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'Change' Prevailing Message for 2020
Conference, NRC and Year Ahead


the promise we pitched to attendees coming to the National Railroad Construction
and Maintenance Association 2020 Conference
and NRC-REMSA Exhibition in early January.
Our conference kept that promise and lived up
to its reputation as the best networking event in
the railway industry. Attendees got a lot of bang
Jim Hansen
for their buck with a stellar program detailing
Chairman, National
railroad and rail-transit capital programs for
Railroad Construction &
Maintenance Association
2020, as well as panel discussions and workshops focusing on AREMA, the FRA, signals and
communications, passenger rail opportunities,
legislative updates and women in rail. Everyone
at the NRC conference left San Diego smarter,
more connected and hopefully better prepared
for business in 2020.
A high point of the conference was hearing
from Canadian Pacific CEO Keith Creel in an
informal "fireside chat."
On Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR),
Creel said, "I'll tell you one thing it means absolutely. It means change. It's about change, about
creating companies over the long-term that are
sustainable. PSR will innovate and create solutions to operate efficiently."
The NRC has embraced
the challenge to change by
embarking on a construction
project of our own. Our goal:
Everyone at the NRC
to deliver greater value to our
conference left San
members and other industry
and government partners. We
Diego smarter, more
our first milestone
connected and hopefully achieved
by introducing a new logo that
better illustrates our brand
better prepared for
promise of "Building a Safer
business in 2020.
and Stronger Railway Construction Industry Together."
The NRC also launched a new website that
provides more information and resources for our
members in an easy-to-navigate format. Look
for testimonials from our members about the
value the NRC brings to their business. Find us
Read more from the NRC at
With Railroad Day on Capitol Hill coming
up March 4, 2020, Creel's remarks about the im-

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Mass Transit | | FEBRUARY 2020

CANADIAN PACIFIC CEO Keith Creel (center)
responded to questions posed by Jim
Hansen (r), NRC chairman and Herzog chief
commercial officer and Mike Choat (l), the
NRC's outgoing chairman and vice president
of business development for Railroad Controls
Ltd., a Wabtec company, at the NRC 2020
Conference in San Diego in early January.

portance of staying connected to government
officials are particularly relevant.
"We need to connect with employees, customers and regulators," Creel said. "We need to
explain our story. We need to help people see the
logic - to better understand [our role] based on
the facts, not on politics."
The NRC is offering you the chance to share
your story with members of Congress at the
annual Railroad Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. If you've never done this before, I
urge you to exercise your right and join us on
Capitol Hill. No one can tell a more compelling
story about the impact of a strong railway system
bolstered by qualified railway construction workers than someone who has seen it come together
out on the track. By participating in Railroad
Day over the years, I've learned to better tell our
story and have made some valuable connections
with members of Congress, their staff and other
government and industry leaders in the process.
I can assure you the NRC hears Creel's message about change. As the NRC chairman, I am
committed to encouraging innovation and will
advocate for the industry on behalf of the NRC
membership. We will be hard at work "Building
a Safer and Stronger Railway Construction Industry Together!" and invite you to join us.

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