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apps and agency maps," said Washington. "A lot of things, the majority of things, were done on paper
and the system has progressed to
become more data-driven."
The technology integrated in
the past five years serves both
the customers and operations.
Washington offers the example
of tracking on time performance
where, previously, supervisors
would be stationed at a corner to
track routes that passed by that
corner. Now, these supervisors
are equipped with laptops and
tablets monitoring performance
in real time. This real-time monitoring allows for issues to be
addressed quickly and can be
correlated with other data sets
to determine trends.
Riders have quickly adopted to
the new features, especially those
that can save them time, such as
the online bus tracker.
"They love it. It's amazing," said
Washington. "For a system our
size with a little over 2.6 million
trips a year, to have over 300,000
hits per month on the Where is My
Bus system is incredible."
As a small to medium system
operating in a space where technology is advancing rapidly, the
question of when and what new
technology to invest in can be
tricky to navigate.
"I believe those decisions
shouldn't be made at my desk.
I believe those decisions should
be made in the community," explained Washington. "A lot of
those decisions are made by executive staff at other places, but
we sit down and talk with those
stakeholders who serve on our
Transit Improvement Committee.
When we start looking at what's
going to be our next innovative
idea or next creative idea, we always go back to that committee."

Looking to the future

Washington shares that SporTran
met every strategic goal that was
placed on the agency for the strategic plan. In addition to new

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technology and a more customer-centric system, ridership has
grown by more than two percent
each year following the network
redesign and the oldest vehicle
in SporTran's fleet will be a 2015
bus. But Washington doesn't see
the agency slowing its progress
anytime soon.
"We're getting ready to create a
new strategic plan that's going to
focus on how the agency can move
the rural areas into the community," said Washington. "Shreveport

Mass Transit | | FEBRUARY 2020

is one of those cities that is kind
of growing around the outskirts."
In the second quarter of 2020,
SporTran will begin offering an
on-demand service to the rural
parts of the community that will
also take a hybrid approach to
paratransit and be operated by
Ecolane. Washington explains
SporTran's current paratransit service, LiftLine, will be rebranded.
"The reason we're looking
to rebrand the LiftLine service
is because everyone knows it as

HAS invested
in technology
features, such
as an online bus
tracker, which
has more than
300,000 hits per

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