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By modernizing the system with digital signage,
agencies can create a seamless passenger experience
while adding to the bottom line.
By Megan Perrero, assistant editor


IGITAL SIGNAGE PROvides transit agencies
with a unique opportunity to improve the passenger experience, create
new revenue streams and
modernize their services.
Whether it's a solar-powered static display at a bus
stop or a customized 34-foot display, these companies are working
to provide solutions for all types
of situations.

Real-time information
at the stop

Connectpoint is a provider of
static passenger information and


a solar-powered digital sign which allows
transit agencies to send out messages in real
time to passengers at the stop. Pictured is
Connectpoint's 32-inch display.

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Mass Transit | | FEBRUARY 2020

realized several years ago there
was a demand for a digital signage
option that would allow transit
agencies to send out messages in
real time to passengers at various
stages of their journey, explains
Connectpoint President and
CEO Rick Wood. Connectpoint
partnered with ePaper solutions
provider E-Ink to create the solar-powered Digital Bus StopĀ®.
The modular and customizable
product, available in 10-, 13- and
32-inch displays, is an option for
agencies looking for an alternative
to LED and LCD signs. The product is ruggedized and designed to
be used throughout the system, no
matter the weather or location.
"We designed our family of
compact and portable ePaper
displays to be energy efficient.
They come with a solar panel and
a built-in battery that ensures the
device is powered 24/7," Wood
said. "The Digital Bus Stop is highly adaptable and works in a variety
of outdoor environments. Agencies can now deploy aesthetically
pleasing digital signage at any stop
within their system that has sun
exposure with no requirement for
electrical lines, connecting wirelessly via 4G networks."
The Digital Bus Stops can easily
be deployed at bus stop poles and
shelters within 30 minutes, allowing transit agencies to directly
communicate with customers at
the bus stop level without needing electrical infrastructure. And
the built-in battery can serve as a
backup power source for weeks on

a single charge during the nighttime or cloudy days.
Not only is the signage ADA
compliant with all displays having text to speech capability but
it is also eco-friendly and reduces light pollution. The signage is
also readable in sunlight and has
a high-contrast display with LED
In addition to the Digital Bus
Stops, Wood explains Connectpoint provides a content management system that can remotely
control and monitor the various
"Connectpoint's Asset Management System is the industry's
only device agnostic content management system, managing LED,
LCD and Digital Bus Stops, and
lets agencies remotely control and
monitor digital signage from our
easy to use and powerful interface," Wood said. "It's intuitive
and customizable, allowing agencies to schedule custom messages
for their riders, such as holiday
schedules and promotions, but
also delivers real time alerts via
the agency's real-time feed."

A modern experience
for the bus rider

At the stop isn't the only place
for digital signage. With transit
agencies looking to add passenger
amenities to improve the rider experience, on-board digital signage
may be the answer.
ENGIE Business Development
Manager Kilian Ollivier explains
transit agencies can install LCD
displays onboard buses for several
"The main purpose is to inform
their riders about route information, network map, upcoming connections, arrival times or detour
alerts," Ollivier said. "They can
also use it for security purposes
by integrating real-time stream of
the CCTV on the screen, showing
riders they are being monitored to
enhance safety and security."
Ollivier adds some clients also
use the digital displays to ad-

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