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Digital Signage
Integration program," said Earl Naegele,
managing director of commercial sales,
Peerless-AV. "Encompassing expert engineering and design, custom project
managers, full installation services,
dedicated dvLED mounting solutions
and easy-to-use online tools like the
LED Video Wall Configurator, SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV provides all of the
elements for a successful installation."
The dvLED solutions can be used indoors and outdoors, with dvLED video
walls providing wayfinding in stations
with large-scale maps with directions to
specific areas within the venue, explains
Naegele. There's also an interactive option, which would allow customers to
find a custom route. And like other digital signage displays, dvLED video walls
can also display scheduling updates,
delays, track or terminal changes and
emergency alerts, as well as advertisements and large unique signage.
To achieve a successful deployment
of dvLED video walls, Naegele says

SEAMLESS offers help for every step of
the process.
"Our custom engineers and support
staff will create new and effective solutions
that accommodate mass transit applications," Naegele said. "From heavy traffic
areas to elements such as water, dust and
dirt, our support ensures you have a safe
and protected digital signage solution."
Agencies who utilize this service will
also have a single point of contact from
the SEAMLESS LED Solutions Team,
who will oversee the entire project from
installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and post-installation services.

A streamlined experience

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) works with transit agencies to deploy on-board and stationary passenger
information systems to help enhance
the passenger experience by providing
real-time information.
"With the implementation of Luminator's digital sign technologies, tran-


digital display that wraps around
a 34-foot column at Brightline's
Miami station.

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