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Digital Signage
sit agencies can instantly and remotely
update content on displays throughout
the network using easy-to-use software,"
said Luminator Chief Technology Officer Werner Malcherek. "Along with
transmitting information, Luminator's
system also provides health and diagnostic data to maintenance personnel,
further enhancing efficiency for the
maintenance team."
Malcherek explains that when transit
agencies utilize passenger information
systems, this creates a more streamlined
passenger experience, allowing riders to
easily benefit from the agency's services.
"With on-board and stationary digital signage, transit agencies can get rid
of wasteful paper signs and reduce the
labor costs and time required to update
information along hundreds of routes,"
Malcherek said. "If an agency requires
additional signs in remote locations or
wishes to save on power consumption,
low-power LED technology available
with E-paper signs, combined with
solar, is an environmentally and budget-conscious alternative."
Luminator also offers its INFOtransit on-board passenger information systems, allowing transit agencies to generate revenue from paid
advertising while promoting their
own services. Malcherek explains
these displays also integrate with
security camera feeds and have the
option to add on the audio announcement component.

Managing the message

Once transit agencies have installed
their digital signage across the system,
they'll need a way to manage and monitor their messages. That's where IxNConnect from Intersection comes in.
"IxNConnect is a content management platform that helps transit
agencies improve communications
with their customers and maximize
revenue with adjacent advertising,"
said Hal Dick, vice president, product,
Intersection. "IxNConnect provides
a central hub for transit agencies to
manage and monitor the delivery of
real-time arrival and schedule information, service updates, marketing
campaigns and emergency messaging
to digital screens systemwide."

The platform allows agencies to distribute and manage communications at
scale, allowing campaigns to be scheduled to the right locations at the right
times via a central dashboard and API
integrations, explains Dick. And instead of having to physically monitor
displays, the platform allows users to
continuously monitor the messaging
from their desk.
"Instead of going on-site to check that
a campaign is playing, IxNConnect users
can save time by pulling up a live view of
any display from their desk," Dick said.
"Users can analyze metrics dashboards
to fine-tune the coverage and scheduling
of messaging, while operations staff get
one place to check on the health of the
display network."
IxNConnet allows agencies to leverage
their digital displays by creating a network of screens, providing a way to communicate across the system in real time
with information such as service changes,

delays and other useful information.
"Since the screens contain mission-critical information, consumers pay
close attention, making them a perfect
location for advertising, which generates
revenue for the agency," Dick said.

Simultaneously benefiting
agencies and riders

Whether it's onboard vehicles, secured
to a wall or installed at an existing bus
stop, digital signage provides transit
agencies with an opportunity to generate revenue, to modernize stops and
stations and to enhance the passenger
experience, all while being efficient and
cost effective.
"Moving forward, transit agencies
should employ these smart, adaptable
technologies in order to maximize the
benefit for transit passengers, all while
providing a more economical and efficient solution for the transit operator,"
Malcherek concluded.



APS Industrial Strength SMART CHARGERs
Support Multiple Battery Chemistries for
Stationary or Mobile Applications.
Compact, high frequency Battery Chargers
from 12V to 300V, up to 1000 Amps.
FEATURES INCLUDE >95% power factor,
fault protection, seamless transition from
CC to CV mode, and >90% efficiency.

 Rugged, reliable, field proven construction.
 Models available to accept AC or DC input power.
 Digital display of charging voltage, current,
operating status and fault indication.
 Customer selectable charge profiles.
 Built-in diagnostics & fault protection.
 Options include remote communication interfaces, bidirectional DC charging and
internal data logger with nonvolatile storage of operating history.

Applied Power Systems, Inc.

124 Charlotte Ave., Hicksville, NY 11801, U.S.A.
T: 516.935.2230 F: 516.935.2603
For more information, visit
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