Mass Transit - 11

▶ The

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's new Central Subway
Program director, Nadeem Tahir, will lead
a comprehensive review of the project's
budget and schedule. The review is expected to take approximately six weeks to
complete and will identify a revised start
date for service, as well as evaluate the
expected budget impacts of the delay.

▶ Chicago

Metra has awarded Duos
Technologies, Inc. a contract to provide
an Automated Pantograph Inspection
System (apis) that will be installed to span
four tracks and capture high-resolution

video of critical pantographs located on
the top of passenger railcars.
▶ The

San Mateo County Transit District
has issued an order for 55 clean diesel,
60-foot Xcelsior® heavy-duty transit
buses from New Flyer of America Inc., a
subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. The buses
will help increase service along El Camino Real on SamTrans' ECR Route, where
35 percent of all system boardings occur.
▶ Complete

Coach Works (CCW) is collaborating with Halsey King & Associates

for a new training initiative to further
educate its employees on state-of-theart electric transit vehicles and charging
infrastructure. The partnership will
enhance the skills of CCW's workforce
by expanding its knowledge of complex
electrical systems.
▶ Gold

Coast Transit District opened its
new operations and maintenance facility,
which includes an eight-bay maintenance and repair building, a compressed
natural gas fuel station, bus wash and an
operations and administrations building.

People in the News

Gregory Elsborg

Inez Evans

Carolyn Gonot

India Birdsong

Rob Padgette

Dallas Area Rapid
Transit (DART)

Indianapolis Public
Corporation (IndyGo)

Utah Transit
Authority (UTA)

Greater Cleveland
Regional Transit
Authority (GCRTA)

Capitol Corridor
Joint Powers
Authority (CCJPA)



Gregory Elsborg
has been named as
Dallas Area Rapid
Transit's first vice
president and chief
innovation officer
where he will oversee
business partnerships and spearhead
innovation through
technology. "I am
tremendously excited
to lead activities in this
newly created role,"
he said. Elsborg brings
experience from leadership roles in digital
innovation and brand
strategy from Fortune
500 companies where
he proved his skills of
driving ecommerce,
mobile and innovation initiatives. He's
originally from the
UK where he studied
marketing at Lancaster
University Management School and
moved to the United
States in 2011.


Inez Evans has been
named president
and CEO of the
Indianapolis Public
Transportation Corporation (IndyGo).
She most recently
served as chief operating officer at Santa
Clara Valley Transportation Authority and
will succeed Michael
Terry. She was chosen
after the board of
directors conducted
a national search to
find a leader with the
ability to build and
nurture relationships,
bring communities
together and affect
organizational change.
Throughout her
25-year career, Evans
has also worked with
Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority
and Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transportation Authority.


Carolyn Gonot has
joined the Utah
Transit Authority
(UTA) as the new executive director after
the board of trustees
completed a national
search. She joins UTA
after working at Santa
Clara Valley Transportation Authority
(SCVTA) for 22 years
where she oversaw the
funding and planning
of the 16-mile, six-station extension of the
San Francisco Bay Area
Rapid Transit system.
"[Her]...experience in
the transit industry
is extensive, ranging
from service and
program planning to
managing and implementing major capital
projects," said Carlton
Christensen, UTA
board chair. She brings
25 years of experience
with a background in
civil engineering.


The Greater
Cleveland Regional
Transit Authority
(GCRTA) Board of
Trustees unanimously voted to select
India Birdsong to
be the next CEO and
general manager.
Birdsong was a standout candidate because
of her focus and
emphasis on serving
the riders of the buses
and trains. She most
recently was the chief
operating officer of the
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority
where she oversaw the
bus and rail operations, including maintenance, improvement
and supporting the
system's 25-year
growth plan. Before
that she spent nine
years with the Chicago
Transit Authority in a
variety of roles.

The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers
Authority (CCJPA)
has selected Rob
Padgette to be the
new managing
director where he will
oversee management
and operations of
the 170-mile Capitol
Corridor train route.
Padgette was previously the deputy managing director where
he worked to build
relationships with key
service partners and
advance funding for
train service expansion. Prior to CCJPA
he was the deputy
executive director
of the Northeast
Corridor Commission
in Washington, D.C.,
where he worked
administratively with
the organization and
execution of the commission's work.

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