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* Transit Signal Priority, giving
buses priority at traffic signals to
keep them running on schedule;
* Vehicle Turning Right in Front
of Transit Vehicle warning of the
streetcar operator when a vehicle
is turning right at an intersection
as the streetcar approaches; and
* Wrong Way Entry warning the

of the
Tampa Hillsborough
Expressway Authority

driver of a vehicle entering the reversible express lanes in the wrong
direction and other equipped vehicles
a wrong-way driver is approaching.
For pedestrian safety, the pilot
project at the midblock crosswalk
on Twiggs Street at the Hillsborough
County Courthouse - one of downtown Tampa's busiest crosswalks -
uses Light Detection and Ranging
(LiDAR) equipment for detecting pedestrians and a roadside unit for communicating with connected vehicles.
When an equipped vehicle approaches the crosswalk as a pedestrian
crosses the street, the LiDAR system
detects the pedestrian and the roadside unit broadcasts the information
to any connected vehicles in the area
through an audio and visual warning
in the rearview mirror.
The approach of installing CV technology in vehicles using the toll roads
has provided optimal frequency use and
data for the pilot project, with some 500
vehicles moving through the study area
daily of the 1,000 installed, said Frey.
"We do have connectivity," he said.
"The onboard units in the vehicles and
the roadside units' infrastructure are
talking to each other. We don't have
enough data and there hasn't been
long enough time yet to make any
determinations on the impacts to the
corridor, but we know the system is
operational, people are using it on a
consistent basis and the data we are
seeing does match what our traffic
counts and our toll data reflect. The
next step will be crunching that data
to see the impacts to our corridor and
to our system."
Frey pointed out that for all of the
work required of connectivity technology, new autonomous vehicles are on
the horizon that don't need to be connected because they're self-contained.
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