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In Focus: Fare Collection

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Genfare Genfare Link

Masabi The Justride Validator

Genfare Link is a fully
integrated, cloud-based
software solution that is
secure, reliable and scalable
for any sized agency.
Offering control over every
aspect of fare collection
management and reporting,
Genfare Link allows agencies
to manage their accounts
from anywhere. Genfare
Link offers tools to collect,
house, access, interpret
and act on the data that
keeps the agency moving.

The Justride Validator
is a multi-format ticket
validation device designed
to make account-based
ticketing (ABT) affordable
for transport authorities
of any size. The product
enables the electronic
validation of all major
transport ticketing formats,
including contactless bank
cards (cEMV), barcodes and
smartcards (NFC). It provides
a robust and reliable polemounted validation solution
and has been designed to
meet accessibility standards,
including the Americans
with Disabilities Act.

INIT Innovations in
Transportation Inc. PROXmobil

INIT's passenger terminal,
PROXmobil, supports riders
with real-time validation of
all e-fare media, including
smart cards, mobile tickets,
debit/credit cards and even
virtual transit fare cards in
Google Pay or Apple Pay. With
PROXmobil, agencies can
offer multiple media options
depending on their structure:
mobile 2D barcodes, branded
regional fare media and
third-party contactless ID
media, like college IDs.
PROXmobil's sleek design
and fast processing time
guarantee a flexible solution
for individualized or multiclient fare systems.

Moovel becoming REACH
NOW Ticketing App
The Ticketing App offers
a simple, reliable mobile
payment option that
doesn't require fumbling
for cash or a paper ticket.
With the Ticketing App,
public transit agencies
can instantly benefit from
having greater intelligence
and control. Modernized
payment technology makes
it easier and faster for users
to purchase transit tickets.
This affordable solution with
a powerful core feature set
can be implemented rapidly
and has a straightforward,
fee-free approach without
any upfront costs.

Delerrok Inc. TouchPass

TouchPass is an electronic fare collection (EFC)
offered as a subscription service. TouchPass
offers customization through configuration and
enables agencies and their passengers to use
contactless smart cards, smartphones and paper tickets. It also offers an
extensive sales network, including agency ticket windows, online services
and a nationwide retailer network. TouchPass serves all passengers and the
cloud-based, multi-agency hosted platform ensures a low lifetime cost.

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