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Trio of Encinitas, Calif.,
transit, safety and mobility
projects completed
▶ Officials

California High-Speed Rail Association

FRA SAYS the decision to deobligate the project's more than $928 million in FY
2010 funds was made following careful consideration.

FRA cancels California high-speed rail funds
The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) cancelled its Cooperative
Agreement with the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) on
May 16 and deobligated the $928,620,000 in funding marked for the project.
FRA determined CHSRA violated the terms of the FY10 agreement citing
repeated failure to submit critical required deliverables, as well as failure
to manage and make sufficient progress to complete the project.
FRA Administrator Ronald Batory detailed the FRA's decision in a
25-page letter to CHSRA CEO Brian P. Kelly. The letter says CHSRA "consistently failed to make reasonable progress" on the project and rather
than be proactive to remedy issues pointed out by the administration, the
authority chose "delay and inaction."
California Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed to fight the decision in court.

Denver transit riders
can now purchase tickets
through the Uber app
▶ The

Regional Transportation District
(RTD) of Denver partnered with Uber and
Masabi to launch Uber Transit ticketing
in an effort to provide more integrated
mobility options.
Following a staggered rollout over
the next few weeks, all Uber riders in the
Denver metro region will be able to buy
RTD tickets through the Uber app and
then use their phone to ride rail and bus
In February, RTD and Uber partnered
on the first in-app integration of transit
options, which allowed Denver area

10 |

riders to see and consider transit route
within the Uber app. This next step to
allow ticket purchases through the app
supports RTD's efforts to provide as near
seamless travel options as possible.
"This exciting next phase of RTD's
collaboration with Uber is yet another
way our transit agency is leading the
dialogue about mobility strategy, not just
for the Denver metro region but for cities across the globe," said RTD CEO and
General Manager Dave Genova. "This
project broadens our reach and stays at
pace with the public's needs, allowing
people to plan and pay for trips from
start to finish."

Mass Transit | | JUNE 2019

from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and
California Department of Transportation
(Caltrans) held a community celebration
May 9 to mark the completion of three
projects that will improve mobility, safety
and transportation choices in the area.
The three projects, the San Elijo
Lagoon Double Track Project, Chesterfield Drive Improvement Projects
and a segment of the Coastal Rail Train
bikeway, represent nearly $100 million of
investment in the city of Encinitas, Calif.
The completion of the $78-million
San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project
in partnership with the North County
Transit District added a second mainline track and replaced an aging timber
single track rail bridge with a modern,
concrete, double-tracked bridge. The
project is part of work being performed
to double track sections of the Los
Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo
(LOSSAN) coastal rail corridor to improve the movement of passenger and
freight trains.
The opening of the 1.3-mile Encinitas segment of the Coastal Rail Trail
is part of a larger planned continuous
bike route that will run approximately 44
miles between the city of Oceanside and
downtown San Diego.
The Chesterfield Drive Improvements Project, completed in partnership
with the city of Encinitas, included the
installation of new rail crossing safety
equipment, a modernized and enhanced
rail crossing warning system, a multi-use
bike/pedestrian path and ADA-accessible
sidewalks and ramps.

San Diego Association of Governments

THE DOUBLE track bridge can be seen
over the San Elijo Lagoon in this file

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