Mass Transit - 12

TTC Faces
With the Ontario government wresting control of the
TTC's expansion plans away from the city of Toronto,
TTC CEO Rick Leary has to work through the confusion
and changes to keep commuters moving.
By James Careless, contributor


wrote, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley." This
line, which is generally translated today as "Often go awry," was aimed
at an unfortunate mouse whose winter nest Burns had destroyed
while ploughing.

Had Burns been living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2019, he
might have addressed these lines to
the Toronto Transit Commission
(TTC) and its CEO Rick Leary.
The reason: Like Burns' mouse,
the TTC has seen its multi-billion
expansion plans upended; in this
case not by a plough but by the new
Ontario Progressive Conservative
(PC) government and its populist
leader Premier Doug Ford. A former Toronto city councillor and
unsuccessful mayoral candidate,
Ford's unexpected rise to leading
the PCs and then winning the
provincial election in 2018 has
given him the power to shake up
Toronto mass transit.
On April 10, 2019, he delivered
this shake-up - big time.
On that day, Premier Ford announced a C$28.5 billion (about
US$21.7 billion) Toronto area transit expansion plan. "Our government is investing in transportation
to bring relief and new opportunities to transit users and commut-

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ers," said Ford. The government
news release that accompanied his
announcement billed the transit
plan as "the most money ever invested to get shovels in the ground
and get new subways built."
(Actually, Premier Ford is putting up some of the money. In the
Canadian system, mass transit expansion costs are typically shared
between the city, the province and
the Canadian federal government.
In this case, Ford is offering to pay
C$11.2 billion, which is about
US$8.32 billion.)
The problem for the TTC? Premier Ford's unexpectedly sweeping plans substantially disrupt
subway expansion projects that
the TTC has underway.
"The TTC has already received direction from Toronto
City Council to build three projects; the first being the TorontoYork Spadina Subway Extension
(TYSSE) followed by the Relief
Line and the Scarborough Subway
Extension," said TTC CEO Rick

By the
TTC passengers
by mode (2017)


Subway Train



RT Train


HAVE been given
priority as part of
the King Street
Transit Pilot.

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