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People & Places
OCTA Board approves RFP for
study to examine longer-term
south coast stability solutions
▶ The Orange County Transportation
Authority (OCTA) Board approved
issuing a request for proposals (RFP)
for a two-year, $2 million South Coast
Rail Infrastructure Feasibility Study
and Alternative Concepts Analysis
that will assess existing and future
risks and identify challenges to the
maintenance and operations of rail
service along the coastal rail line
through Orange County. The approved
RFP would be the first phase
of a two-phase study that would
see OCTA working with partners to
analyze the issues threatening track
stability and guide future planning
efforts to find effective solutions.
OCTA says the first phase of the study
will involve key stakeholders and
technical experts. Collaboration with
local, state and federal partners will
be more firmly established throughout
this planning process.
Durham Region Transit
collaborating with Abilities
Centre's Pathways program
on transit awareness
▶ Durham Region Transit (DRT) is collaborating
with the Abilities Centre's
Pathways program on a 12-week
program designed to introduce participants
to everyday community settings
while teaching participants important
functional skills, which includes transit
awareness. DRT staff facilitate sessions
to help participants build their
confidence and learn how to use DRT
public transit. The one-day session
outlines DRT's services, website, apps
and the PRESTO fare payment system.
Participants then board a bus and learn
transit operators are approachable, and
they are encouraged to ask questions or
make requests if needed. Participants
also learn to identify their stop locations,
pull the bus cord to request a stop, pay
fares, use the ramp, identify where to sit
on the bus if they have reduced mobility
or use a mobility device and much more.
▶ Southeastern Pennsylvania
Transportation Authority awarded a
$714.2 million contract to Alstom to replace
its fleet of aging trolleys with fully
ADA-compliant vehicles.
Beep is partnering with the North
Carolina Department of Transportation
(NCDOT) to expand NCDOT's
Connected Autonomous Shuttle
Supporting Innovation program.
Foothill Transit granted Keolis North
America a four-year extension of its yard
maintenance and operations contract
from the agency's Pomona, Calif., yard.
▶ Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit
awarded a three-year base contract
with two one-year options to The
Routing Company for on-demand services
and transit connections.
The Educational Railroading
Conference Leader Since 1994
The Rail Transit Seminar is devoted
to examining wheel/rail, vehicle/
track interaction on rail transit
systems. This cross-disciplinary
seminar includes presentations
from experts in vehicle/track
dynamics, noise and vibration, vehicle/track design
and maintenance, friction management, and State
of Good Repair. Join a unique group of transit
professionals, researchers and suppliers at this
seminar to examine recent developments in research
and technology, to participate in lively discussion
and gain a better understanding of the complex
interaction at the rail transit wheel/rail interface.
Sample topics include:
* Asset Management/State of Good Repair
* Controlling Wheel/Rail Noise & Vibration
* Friction Management
The Principles of Wheel/
Rail Interaction Course is an
intensive, full-day course that
provides fundamental coverage
of the primary aspects of wheel/
rail, vehicle/track interaction. Drawing from both theory
and practical application, the course covers contact
mechanics, track geometry, vehicle suspension systems,
vehicle/track dynamics, wheel/rail profile design,
friction management, measurement technologies and
more-all the elements that are required to promote
a more complete understanding of vehicle/track
dynamics and wheel/rail interaction. Typical topics
* Wheel-Rail Contact Mechanics
* Track Structures, Components and Geometry
* Vehicle Types, Suspensions and Components
* Vehicle-Track Measurement Technologies
The Heavy Haul Seminar is devoted
to examining wheel/rail, vehicle/
track interaction on rail freight and
shared-track passenger systems.
The Seminar brings together track
and mechanical users, researchers and suppliers
in a positive, educational setting like no other in
the industry. Information on where and how the
latest technology is being used to improve wheel/
rail interaction and overall performance on freight
and passenger railways is presented by some of the
best minds in railroading. Information is presented
through a combination of seminar sessions, panel
discussions, dedicated Q&A periods and " InfoZone "
sessions. Sample Heavy Haul topics include:
* Effects of Rail Hardness on Rolling Contact Fatigue
* Track Geometry's Effect on
Vehicle/Track Interaction
* Friction Management: Lessons from a Closed-Loop
* System Advancements in Rail Grinding
Questions: Contact Brandon Koenig, Director of Operations 847-808-1818 or
For more information, visit
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