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Zero-Emission Fleets
That meant it was necessary to
explore other options or wait
for the technology to improve
to maintain service reliability.
MTA electric buses on display as part of an event
outlining plans to redevelop the Jamaica Bus
Depot in Queens to support electric buses.
* The pilot yielded important
data on the impact of temperature
on battery usage and range
and brought into focus the complexity
and know-how needed to
build both in-depot and on-street
charging infrastructure, as well
as the amount of power needed
to draw from the utility company.
* To maintain reliable service,
the team needed to build redundancy
and resiliency into
its charging strategy.
As NYC Transit contemplated
BendPak Model
Portable Column Lift
next steps and the long-term vision
and strategy to transition to
100 percent ZEVs, it recognized
a limited pilot project was vastly
different from a full fleet transformation.
Without organizational
buy-in and an organizational
framework, NYC Transit was
simply not positioned for success.
There was also a pressing need to
engage its workforce and other
stakeholders from the outset,
and in a coordinated manner, to
enable them to fully participate
and contribute to a successful
To successfully transition the
entire fleet, NYC Transit needed to
implement a change management
process at the top that prioritized
driving change at an organizational
and employee level.
To begin addressing these issues,
Certified to meet the
standards of ANSI/ALI
ALCTV: 2017
BendPak is the name that fleet operators rely on because they're the toughest lifts on earth.
And nowhere is that strength more impressive than on our PCL-18B series portable column
lifts. With a lifting capacity of 18,000 pounds for each column and paired configurations ready
to accommodate two, four, six or eight axle vehicles, the PCL-18B is ready to service trucks as
heavy as 144,000 pounds. From school buses and fire engines, to agricultural vehicles and utility
trucks, BendPak continues to make today's tough challenges yesterday's problems.
Visit us online at or call us at 1-800-253-2363.
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18 Mass Transit | MARCH/APRIL 2023
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12/8/22 8:12 AM
the program moved from underneath
the chief maintenance officer
to a newly created Zero Emission
Program Management Office,
reporting directly to the office of
the president. This organizational
change demonstrated leadership
commitment at the highest level
while creating an autonomous,
focused and empowered project
management team. The new program
management officer was
charged with program planning,
program leadership and coordination
of existing work streams
managed by multiple areas of the
organization, but all accountable
to the program manager. New
project workstream owners were
selected and given the resources
to empower them to deliver across
the various disciplines of power,
infrastructure, fleet, procurement,
funding, operations planning,
workforce development, commu http://www.BENDPAK.COM

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