March/April 2023 - 37

wayfinding to help orient returning users
through subtle color shifts by location.
All tracks and platforms are fully
separated from Metro-North Railroad,
ensuring neither railroad causes delays
to the other.
The opening of the new terminal and
start of LIRR service means there are an
additional 500 station stops in Brooklyn
and Queens during peak periods.
" Grand Central Madison is a public
transportation feat that will shorten commutes,
giving commuters time back in
their busy lives to spend with their families,
friends and communities, " New York
Gov. Kathy Hochul said. " Grand Central
Madison will dramatically expand service
and operate more reliably for commuters
and reduce overcrowding at Penn Station. "
In December,
celebrated the
completion of
a portion of the
South Coast
Rail project at
Freetown station.
Honolulu aiming for
summer opening
One of the most anticipated rail projects
that could open in 2023 is the first
segment of the Honolulu Authority for
Rapid Transportation's (HART) rail line.
Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi dedicated
a portion of his State of the City
speech delivered in mid-March to the
project where he shared the line should
be operational in July 2023.
" When we took office, there was no sinNorth
to bring
320 miles
of new rail
into service
by 2023.
gle issue that had been more consistently
and passionately raised by voters than rail
and what was then a historically-troubled
project, " said Mayor Blangiardi. " As
we embrace the challenge embodied in
building the toughest segment of rail -
through the airport, down Dillingham
Boulevard and through the downtown
corridor - we are ready for our riders
to embrace rail. Our long-awaited rail
system is scheduled to commence interim
operations in July, with service from East
Kapolei to Aloha Stadium. "
Lori M.K. Kahikina, executive director
and CEO at HART, joined the Rick
Hamada Program, a local radio show
and podcast, at the end of March and
explained HART is aiming to turn the
line over to the Honolulu Department
of Transportation Services in late May
and believes the project opening in July
is achievable.
Segment 1 is currently trial running
and will include eight stations in a system
that will also integrate with Honolulu's
bus system. While trial running is occurring,
HART is also working to fix the
eight columns in the first segment with
cracks in the hammerheads. The hammerheads,
which are still structurally sound,
are expected to be reinforced by rebar to
extend their longevity.
Brightline extension
to Orlando
Brightline is preparing to expand its intercity
operations to Orlando, which will add
170 miles to its network and will connect
West Palm Beach and Orlando in about
two hours. The extension is 90 percent
complete, with construction spanning
four different zones that saw 490,000
crossties laid and two million spike and
bolts installed in a 36-month timeframe.
Train testing in early March saw Brightline
reach 130 mph between Orlando
International Airport and Cocoa, Fla.,
making Brightline the fastest train in
the state, as well as the southeastern U.S.
The company also highlighted its
new Orlando area maintenance facility,
which it calls Basecamp. The $100-million,
135,805-square-foot facility sits on
62-acres and will be able to service up to
16 trains at a time.
Basecamp features a truck shop where
coach and locomotive trucks can be disassembled,
cleaned and rebuilt, a drop table,
a parts warehouse, wheel true facility, two
fueling islands and a train wash.
" This world-class facility has everything
under one roof to maintain our trains, will
provide highly paid highly skilled jobs to
the region and will be a bustling hub for
train maintenance, maintaining eight of
our 10 trains here nightly, " said Brightline
Executive President Infrastructure
Michael Cegelis.
HART is aiming
to turn the first
segment of its
rail project over
to Honolulu DTS
at the end of May
and have the rail
line in operation
by late July.
Honolulu Authority for
Rapid Transportation
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