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finances to improve, the contribution
from the provincial government will
help stabilize TransLink's finances in
the short term and allow the authority
to continue to advance capital projects,
increase service on TransLink's
busiest routes through strategic service
reallocation, expand RapidBus lines to
relieve congestion in high-growth corridors,
increase active transportation
investments and support transit-oriented
Moab, Utah, launches city's
first transit service
▶ Moab, Utah, marked the launch of
Left to right: Rutgers Director Dr. Ali Maher, UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani and
UITP Board Member and NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin S. Corbett sign the agreement
and formalize the partnership.
UITP, NJ Transit and Rutgers
CAIT partner to open UITP's
first North American Regional
Training Center
The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) opened its
first North American Regional Training Center (RTC) in New Jersey made
possible through a partnership with New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) and Rutgers
Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT). UITP
currently has nine RTCs around the world, where transportation training is
provided through uniform standards and best practices for all areas of public
transportation. NJ Transit committed to sponsoring four training programs
annually, providing guest speakers for programs when possible and leveraging
its experience in the delivery of public transportation throughout the area.
Rutgers CAIT will act as a key partner by coordinating with UITP and NJ
Transit to provide necessary logistics and administrative support, as well as
provide marketing of the training courses and hosting the training sessions.
the city's pilot transit service that will
operate as Moab Area Transit (MAT), a
fare-free, fixed-route and on-demand
service designed to offer transportation
options in Moab to residents and
visitors. The Moab Area Transit program
includes an on-demand microtransit
service that will provide doorto-door
transportation to and from
any location within the broader service
area. Transportation will be provided
using 13 MAT-branded passenger
vans. MAT also includes a fixed-route
service that will bring riders to predetermined
destinations along Main
Street. This route will provide regular
stops between the Fairfield Inn north of
town to the Utah State University Moab
campus at Aggie Boulevard. One goal
of the service is to reduce downtown
traffic congestion and encourage visitors
to leave their cars at their hotels.
The city has a permanent population
of more than 5,300 but hosts millions
of visitors annually who come to visit
nearby National Parks.
British Columbia providing
C$479 million to TransLink
to stabilize finances
▶ The government of British Columbia
is contributing C$479 million
(US$348.47 million) to TransLink to
help address the agency's financial
8 Mass Transit | MARCH/APRIL 2023
challenges, maintain service levels and
support its planned expansion efforts.
The funding commitment from the
provincial government is in response
to requests made by TransLink's Board
of Directors and the TransLink Mayors'
Council on Regional Transportation.
While long-term projections anticipate
The city of Moab celebrated the launch of MAT.
City of Moab/Moab Area Transit

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