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DBE Program
" Since 2019,
GCRTA's Office of
Business Development
has certified 49
new DBE firms. "
received by workers against the
Department of Labor's wage
schedule. If there are discrepancies,
GCRTA will report this to
the authority's project manager,
and payments to the prime contract
will cease until the
workers receive the required
backpay. With a
staff of four, including the
director, weekly meetings
with staff on the progress
of each project is vital.
There have been times
when a prime contractor
will pay a worker the wage
where the worker lives
rather than where the work is
being done. The authority's OBD
staff need to ensure the DBE is
receiving payment, and if not,
hold prime contractors accountable.
Once everything is verified
by the prime contractor by submitting
certified payroll reports,
invoices, compliance reports and
DBE payment confirmation, the
project can then continue.
Goal Setting and
Changing the Culture
Procurements of $25,000 and
above will be reviewed for a DBE
participation goal. This goal encompasses
all certified DBEs that
are ready, willing and able to perform.
The prime contractors will
then receive the DBE goal with
the project information, which is
sent in a mass email to all available
DBEs. A pre-bid conference is held
virtually with all prime contractors
and DBEs present. Once procurement
and the project manager
review the project, OBD asks the
DBEs to address the audience on
how they can perform in the contract.
This encourages and assists
the prime contractors to identify
DBEs that are available to participate.
OBD also tracks which
DBEs attend and participate in
these virtual pre-bid meetings.
During the procurement process,
the prime contractor must
identify which DBEs will be part
of the project when submitting a
proposal. An affidavit from the
DBE, as a letter of intent, must be
submitted with the project proposal,
ensuring that the DBE percentage
goal will be met with good
faith effort. If a prime contractor
is unable to find a DBE, the prime
can contact the OBD staff to assist
in identifying sub-contractors.
Once a prime contractor is
selected, and DBEs are not identified
in the proposal, OBD will
send a certified letter to the prime
regarding their non-compliance.
The prime contractor has three
Congratulations to Hillsborough Area
Regional Transit for 20 years of successful
service and recent record ridership numbers
on the TECO line heritage screetcar system
in Tampa, Florida. Gomaco Trolley Company
is proud to be your partner.
Making the complex seem
Transit options are essential for businesses and
communities to thrive. From concept to commissioning,
we bring passion for innovation and excellence,
with a focus on safety to meet tomorrow's challenges.
Together we can create positive change.
Contact us at
For more information, visit
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Best Practices: Data Management
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2022 Transit Safety & Security Report
GCRTA’s five areas of concentration for a robust DBE program
Mixed Fleets: The future of microtransit and paratransit
Beyond Carbon Reduction: Electric Buses Provide Resilience for Climate Emergencies
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