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work on the largest reconstruction
project in the agency's history, the Red
and Purple Modernization (RPM) Project
Phase One, with a groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 2. The project will modernize and replace rail structures and
stations that have been in service for a
century along CTA's busiest line, the Red
Line, that serves more than 30 percent
of the agency's rail customers. CTA's Red
Line provides more than 200,000 rides
on average each weekday and more than
70 million rides a year, serving some
of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the nation. The entire RPM
project will impact a 9.6-mile stretch
of track and will be built in phases. The
$2.1-billion Phase One consists of two
main components: the Red-Purple
Bypass Project and the Lawrence to Bryn
Mawr Modernization Project. All work
on RPM Phase One will be completed in
2025 with the Red-Purple Bypass project
set to be completed by the end of 2021.

NYCT sees bus ridership bump
following Select Bus Service
improvements on new 14th Street
▶ The

Select Bus Service (SBS) improvements on the M14A and D routes,
which are augmented by New York City
Department of Transportation's new 14th
Street Transit and Truck Priority lanes,
have resulted in an SBS weekend ridership
increase of 37 percent. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says with
the October implementation of the 14th
Street busway, weekday ridership has increased by 17 percent to 31,000 daily riders. Comparing September 2018 to September 2019, ridership on the M14 route
has increased by 37 percent on Saturdays
and 29 percent on Sundays. Weekday
ridership jumped 15 percent during the
same period, from approximately 26,350
to 30,195. Since the 14th Street Transit
and Truck Priority lanes were implemented on Oct. 2, 2019, ridership increased
again to approximately 31,000.

Nova Bus

NOVA BUS entered the zero-emission
bus market with its LFSe+.

Nova Bus introduces LFSe+
▶ Nova

Bus has introduced its new fully
electric bus, the LFSe+, at the American Public Transportation Association's
(APTA) TRANSform Conference in New
York City. The LFSe+ was built on the
Nova Bus LFS platform and integrates
the traction motor and power electronics from BAE Systems. LFSe+ has a total
battery capacity of 594 kWh.
Continued ▶

People in the News

Patrick Sullivan

Erin Rogers

Rob Ruzinsky

Sophia Mohr

Michael Jones

Centre Area
Authority (CATA)


Greater Dayton
Regional Transit
Authority (RTA)

Central Ohio Transit
Authority (COTA)

Bay Area Rapid
Transit (BART)

previously worked
in the private sector
where she served as
the vice president of
owner experience
design and strategy
at NetJets where
she designed and
developed strategies to improve the
customer experience for NetJets'
clients. Mohr has
a bachelor's and
a master's degree
from The Ohio State

Jones has served
as the assistant
general manager
of administration
where he was responsible for leading
human resources,
procurement, labor
relations among
others. He also
launched the BART
Leadership Academy
and Mid-Managers
Training Programs
to help current employees prepare to
assume upper management positions.

CATA selected Patrick
Sullivan as the new
director of information technology where he will

oversee all activities
of the Information Technology
Department. He's
responsible for
directing, planning
and scheduling
the development,
production and
administrative processing of CATA's
technology systems
and computer operations, both shortand long-term.

Deputy General
Manager Erin Rogers
has been appointed
as interim CEO and
general manager.

Rogers brings
three decades of
experience in the
transit industry. She
previously worked
at the Orange
County Transportation Authority
where she held the
position of assistant
general manager
and was responsible for oversight
and management
of all fixed route
bus and paratransit

Bob Ruzinsky was
named deputy chief
executive officer for
the Greater Dayton
RTA. He will be re-

sponsible for all RTA
day-to-day departmental functions
and his primary
responsibility will be
implementing RTA's
mission, goals and
policies through
daily operations and
strategic planning.
He will also lead the
effort to develop
a new strategic
plan in the coming

Sophia Mohr has
become COTA's
first Chief Innovation Officer. Mohr

Michael Jones will
serve as BART's deputy general manager.

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