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Looking forward:

2020 NRC Conference and NRC-REMSA Exhibition
and the NRC's ongoing efforts on FRA Part 243

Mike Choat
Chairman, National
Railroad Construction &
Maintenance Association

HANKSGIVING IS FAST APPROACHing and I hope you'll be spending the
upcoming holidays with family and
loved ones. And don't forget safety first-not only on the job, but in your personal
and work life, as well.
October has been a stellar month
for the National Railroad Construction
and Maintenance Association (NRC).
The NRC Board of Directors had a very
successful Q3 board meeting in Jupiter,
Fla., where we discussed the upcoming
conference and other programs to better
serve our members.
Our NRC 2020 Conference is January 5-8 in San Diego, Calif., at the Hotel
Del Coronado. The conference is already
lining up to be another great one, with
Keith Creel, president and CEO of Canadian Pacific, being the featured speaker at
the opening session. Also speaking will
be senior engineering and procurement
executives from Class 1 railroads, major
rail transit agencies and commuter railroads such as Metra, Metrolink, Virgin

Your participation [in the NRC-REMSA
Exhibition] will allow you to keep up
with the latest information concerning
what's happening in our industry.

Read more from the NRC at

14 |

Train USA; and a California commuter
rail panel with ACE, Capitol Corridor
and Caltrain, and short line freight rail
holding companies. These executives will
come armed with the latest information on
their capital program plans for 2020 and
the opportunities that will be available for
NRC member contractors and suppliers.
REMSA is continuing to work hard
putting together the finishing touches
to the NRC-REMSA Exhibition, where
there will be more than 150 booths show-

Mass Transit | | NOVEMBER 2019

ing off the latest technology and equipment in the rail supply world, making it a
compelling exhibition. Your participation
will allow you to keep up with the latest
information concerning what's happening in our industry.
This year's agenda for fun and relaxation will include golf, whale watching
and a great spouse program. You would
be hard pressed to find a better way to
start off the year. For more information
on the conference, registration, lodging,
sponsorships and exhibiting, please visit
In other news, the NRC filed a joint
petition with the ASLRRA to amend 49
C.F.R Part 243 by delaying certain implementation dates for applicable short
lines and contractors for an additional
two years or suspending such dates all
together. This petition aims to reduce
unnecessary regulatory burdens for
our members, and to give our members
greater regulatory flexibility in how they
implement training requirements.
Federal Railroad Administration's
(FRA) Rob Castiglione will be presenting
at the NRC 2020 Conference on Sunday
in the general session and doing a more
in-depth breakout session regarding the
most up-to-date information on complying with FRA's Part 243 rule. This impacts
all rail contractors and vital information
will be presented at both events -- you
won't want to miss it.
Additionally, the NRC has produced
and received approval from the FRA for
10 separate model programs. These model
programs are available to NRC member
companies free of charge. For more info,
visit and login to the NRC website to
access the templates.
I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with their families and
I look forward to seeing you in California
in early January.

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