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A BUS simulator
tests Omnitrans
bus operator

are benefitting
the system

"A safe and secure
workforce makes Omnitrans a stronger organization," Rogers said.
"As a side benefit, safety
improvements may generate cost
savings for the agency through reduced insurance rates and claims,
lower employee absences and fewer maintenance expenses."
One example is the upgraded
mobility device securement system. Since using the new equipment, no tipping accidents have
occurred, according to Brophy.
"In one prior instance, the
agency incurred a $1 million
claim due to such an incident
involving a customer in a wheelchair," he said.
The other various improvements to the safety and security
programs have "contributed to a
32 percent reduction in preventable accidents since 2012," Brophy added.
The accidents have reduced
from 1.15 per 100,000 miles in
2013 to .80 per 100,000 miles in
2018. Brophy explains this allows
the agency to avoid costs such
as accident or injury claims and
fleet repairs.

"Creating a strong safety culture takes a lot of hard work and
persistence," Brophy said. "Rule
enforcement, discipline, ongoing
communication and re-training all
play a role in reducing accidents and
promoting safer driving habits."
To maintain this safety culture
throughout the entire agency,

Omnitrans assigns a designated
safety coordinator to each department. This person conducts
monthly walk-through inspections and identifies and reports
unsafe conditions.
The Operations Department
highlights a safety topic each
month to keep coach operators




Developing a safety
culture beyond

Beyond new technology and
equipment or new programs, Omnitrans' focus on safety extends
throughout the entire organization by creating an internal safety
culture with high safety standards
and a reward structure for those
who meet or exceed them.

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