Mass Transit - 32

The Palm Tran
to the special
needs shelter
in West
Palm Beach,
Fla., during
Dorian this past

Palm Tran takes an
all-hazards approach
to emergency weather

By Clinton B. Forbes
Executive Director, Palm Tran

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. * Located in

Palm Beach County, Palm Tran has the
vital task of preparing for hurricane season, which spans from June 1 to November 30 each year. However, Palm Tran's
comprehensive emergency management
plan goes far beyond hurricane preparation. Palm Tran must be prepared to
move on a moment's notice in the event
of any and all-natural disasters.
Palm Tran employs various measures
year-round to maintain an all-hazards

Palm Tran

approach to weather preparation. We live
and work in paradise; however, we must
balance that lifestyle with ensuring our
public transportation system can meet
the demands that come with being located in a subtropical climate. Employees
train all year, get credentialed all year and
even take Federal Emergency Management Agency classes to maintain their expertise in handling weather emergencies.

Palm Tran assumes the role of the
transportation unit leader at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This is
an essential emergency support function
and Palm Tran is responsible for all facets
of transportation-related items during an
activation of the EOC.
The decision on whether or not to
cease operations is a balancing act that
every transit agency in the country has

Model CX Bi-Directional Derail for
Wood, Steel, or Concrete Ties
* Universal Fit
* No Sizing
* No Adzing
* No Shimming
* No Cropping
Tie Plates
* No Removal
of Anchors


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