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Making connections

Not all links are obvious, but they can still bring value.


am a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. If you don't recognize his name, you know
his books: The Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink, among many others including his
new book, Talking to Strangers. It's about how we communicate, and I've read
the first page at least half a dozen times but have gone no further. This is not a
comment on the book, or its theme, but more so on my schedule and inability
to stay awake past 10 p.m.
Fans and critics alike point to Gladwell's ability to find links among the seemingly simple
tasks we perform every day and how those tasks can result in different outcomes. Detractors of
his method of research and analysis point out that correlation does not always equal causation.
Those who subscribe to his work view the conclusions he draws as an unveiling of a breadcrumb
trail leading to a better understanding of behavior. That may be an oversimplification of critics
and an over inflation of fans; the main point is that he looks for connections. As we all should.
In the transit world, this can be literal. We want riders to find their way to and through our
networks. The concept of integrated mobility is that a rider only needs to know where their
starting and end points are located and the connections - all options - will be provided. It can
also be figurative. Reading this magazine is way to connect to the industry through news, quality feature articles and insightful best practices commentary.
Mass Transit works to provide connections through information both in our print editions
and online. You'll notice we have a new recurring column appearing from Chairman of the
National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) Mike Choat in this
issue. If the NRC is new to you, the association's stated
primary objective is to "advance the mutual interests of
In the transit world, its members and the railroad and rail transit construction
this can be literal. industry." I've been involved with the association for many
years and am honored to serve as a board observer, as well
We want riders to as on several committees.
find their way to and
The American Public Transportation Association notes
since 1997, there are 17 additional commuter/hybrid
through our networks.
rail systems and 20 additional light-rail/streetcar systems.
That number is expected to grow, particularly on the West
Coast. With all this rail construction occurring and in anticipation of future rail maintenance that will be needed, the
addition of the NRC to the pages of this magazine may be a
helpful and useful connection to make.

Mischa Wanek-Libman, Editor
 224-324-8532


Mass Transit | | NOVEMBER 2019

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