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future. Once the modernized rail cars arrive - L.A. Metro will be getting one per
month - it will perform inspection and
testing at L.A. Metro's rail maintenance
centers to ensure all cars are in good
working order. Then the modernized
cars will be placed into service on the A
Line, E Line (Expo) and C Line.

NJ Transit announces path forward

ONE OF PANYNJ's all electric fleet of airport shuttles at Newark Liberty airport.

PANYNJ becomes largest all-electric fleet on
East Coast after doubling size of airport fleet
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) now has the
largest airport electric bus fleet on the East Coast, consisting of 36 buses
and 19 chargers. The fleet is now fully operational three months ahead of
schedule at Newark Liberty, John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia
airports. In 2018, PANYNJ became the first public transportation agency
to embrace the Paris Climate Accords and pledged to take aggressive steps
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PANYNJ pledged then to convert its
airport shuttle buses to all-electric buses by the end of 2020. The 12 buses
at each of the three airports will cut down on both greenhouse gases and
local air pollution as the buses serve passengers and employees daily traveling between airport facilities, including parking garages and terminals.

MST closes on $8.45 million TIFIA
loan under USDOT rural initiative
▶ Monterey-Salinas Transit District (MST)
in Monterey County, Calif., closed on a
Transportation Infrastructure Finance
and Innovation Act (TIFIA) Rural Project
Initiative (RPI) loan for up to $8.45 million
on Oct. 29. The U.S. Department of
Transportation provides TIFIA financing
through the Build America Bureau. The
loan is the second approved through the
RPI initiative and holds the distinction of
being the fastest loan closed by the bureau. The loan will be used to construct
a 14,000-square-foot operations and
maintenance facility. The South County
Operations and Maintenance Facility will
provide a base for MST's south county
services, as well as reduce deadhead

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re-imagined path forward for the NJ
TRANSITGRID was announced by the
New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) Board
of Directors, committing to hiring a
renewable energy consultant to assist
in the project's multi-step design and
feasibility process and approving up to
$3 million in stipends to qualified bidders
in order to foster the most creative,
environmentally-sound bid proposals. In
the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the NJ
TRANSITGRID facility was envisioned as
a primarily natural gas turbine powered
facility. However, NJ Transit and Gov.
Phil Murphy say they are committed to
a microgrid capable of employing, to
the greatest extent possible, renewable
generation and energy storage technologies capable of providing highly reliable
power to a core segment of NJ Transit
and Amtrak's critical service territory
during extreme weather or outages in
the commercial power grid.


mileage, fuel usage, maintenance and
labor costs and risk of mechanical issues.

L.A. Metro receives first modernized
P2000 light-rail vehicle
▶ The

Los Angeles County Metropolitan
Transportation Authority (L.A. Metro)
has received the first of 16 modernized
Siemens P2000 light-rail vehicles that
were sent to an Alstom Transportation
Inc., facility so that critical systems could
be overhauled. L.A. Metro's light-rail
vehicles were originally put into service
in 1996 on the A Line (Blue) and C Line
(Green) and are now due for their midlife
work. This will extend the lifespan of rail
vehicles and help ensure they remain
safe, reliable and maintainable for the

Mass Transit | | NOVEMBER 2020

was awarded a contract to design
and supply three Enviline™ ESS units for
the Los Angeles International Airport
Automated People Mover.

USA was awarded a contract
for the South Dade Transitway project
following approval of the Miami-Dade
Board of County Commissioners.
▶ Thales

was selected to provide its
SelTrac CBTC signaling technology for
Vancouver's Broadway Subway Project.
▶ Two

new Tolar bus shelters have been
installed in Robstown, Texas, by the
Corpus Christi Regional Transportation
▶ The Volaris Group is rebranding its passenger transportation brands as Modaxo.

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