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you consider our annual visitor
population, that increases the
population count significantly.
More than 50 percent of our ridership
occurs on routes serving
the major tourist destinations like
Disney and Universal, as well as
others in the area. "
There is no hyperbole behind
Harrison's fastest growing area
claim. Numbers released by the
U.S. Census Bureau in August
2021 show the three-county area
LYNX serves saw a population increase
of more than 350,000 residents
in the past decade. Seminole
County's population increased
11.4 percent, Orange County's
population increased 24.8 percent
and Osceola County's population
increased 44.7 percent - making
Osceola the tenth fastest growing
county in the U.S.
While Central Florida's economy
is largely service based, the
University of Central Florida's Institute
for Economic Forecasting
expects the sectors with the strongest
average job growth between
2020-2023 to be financial activities;
education and health services;
trade, transportation and
utilities; professional and business
services; and construction.
The main takeaway: Central
Florida is growing in population
and adding a diverse array of jobs,
which will only increase the need
for reliable transit services.
Harrison explains LYNX has
a long history of being an early
adopter of trends in mobility, including
the opening of the first
bus rapid transit route in the
U.S., the Lymmo Orange Line,
which opened in 1997 and has
since expanded to four routes.
Additionally, LYNX's NeighborLink
was one of the earliest
on-demand flex services deLYNX
OFFERS various passes or the LYNX PawPass
app to purchase fares; below, a LYNX operators
behind an operator shield.
Reaching the century mark isn't easy - you have to be quality-driven, client-focused, and
have a vision for the future. At 100 years, STV is looking ahead. Our planners, architects,
engineers and program/construction managers are committed to quality performance.
We provide personal attention and timely solutions, with an eye toward sustainability.
And with more than 40 offi ces, we are a local fi rm with national resources.
When it comes to getting your project delivered right, choose the fi rm that has
the drive and vision to be the best.
engineering * architecture * planning * program/construction management
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Make Digitalization Part of Your Rail and Transit Strategy
LYNX: Primed for Post-Pandemic Acceleration
How LIDAR is Making Roads Safer for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Get Ready for APTA's Big Event
A 21st Century Approach to Fare Collection
Best Practices
The Scheduling Conundrum
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