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Get Ready
for APTA's
Big Event
APTA's TRANSform Conference and EXPO
is proceeding as an in-person event this
November in Orlando and promises to
engage and inform attendees.
By Mass Transit Staff Report
Transportation Association
(APTA), as well as the North
American transit industry,
is preparing to travel to Orlando,
Fla., this November to
attend APTA's TRANSform
Conference and EXPO.
The show, which will be held
Nov. 7-10, 2021, is typically held
every three years. However, the
spread of the COVID-19 pandemic
caused the event to be rescheduled
and moved from Anaheim, Calif.,
to the Orange County Convention
Center (OCCC) in Orlando.
OCCC is the second largest convention
facility in North America
and has hosted more than 100 conventions,
trade shows, meetings
and other events since the onset
of the pandemic. OCCC received
its Global Biorisk Advisory Council®
(GBAC) STARâ„¢ accreditation
in July 2020, which is considered
the gold standard of reduced biorisk
When APTA announced the
show's move to Orlando in April
2021, the association noted Orlando
and OCCC's success in
hosting large conventions and
tradeshows, as well as the surrounding
hotels' ability to safely
handle large groups.
Safety of attendees is a focus
of the show and the association
recognizes the spread of the delta
Building will
host APTA's
Conference and
EXPO, Nov. 7-10,
EXPO was held
in Atlanta in
variant adds a new element of
concern. APTA reports it is
" working diligently to provide
the safest experience possible for
all those participating. " Its Safety
First policy will include proof of
vaccination from attendees or a
negative COVID-19 test within
72 hours of the event start date;
proper mask use; using floor decals
to encourage six feet of physical
distance, as well as offering
contactless badge pick-up and
hand sanitizing stations throughout
the convention center.
Registration for the event is
Orange County Convention Center
30 | Mass Transit | | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2021
open and, while there is a fee to attend
the TRANSform Conference,
attending the exhibit is free. The
show floor will feature more than
725 suppliers across three halls.
The show floor will also feature


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Get Ready for APTA's Big Event
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