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She also served in a variety of
Earth-bound roles with the Astronaut
Office at NASA, including
chief of robotics, lead for tile
repair efforts after the Columbia
accident and lead astronaut for
integration with NASA's commercial
partners, which includes
SpaceX. Her work is credited
with paving the way for commercial
spaceflight collaborations.
Dr. Coleman is a vocal advocate
for inclusion in STEM/STEAM
fields, serves as the Global Explorer
in Residence at Arizona State
University and is also a research
affiliate at the MIT Media Lab.
Her keynote will draw from
her time at NASA and in extreme
" remote work " situations to discuss
team building, leadership
and innovation.
Jeff Henderson is a bestselling
author, philanthropist, TV personality
and leader in personal
and professional development. He
is also an award-winning American
chef, which is how many
around the world know him.
Chef Jeff's dynamic teaching
Mass Transit
four Learning Zones. The four
themed Learning Zones include:
* Innovations Learning Zone
where groundbreaking products
and technologies impacting rider
experience, sustainability and
the business of public transport
will be featured.
* Solutions Learning Zone where
applications- and service-based
presentations will offer solutions
to common challenges.
* Procurement Learning Zone will
help attendees determine strategies
for effective procurements.
* Hot Topics Learning Zone
will showcase the latest developments,
projects, current and
emerging trends from the U.S.
and around the world.
APTA TRANSform Conference
attendees will have three
full days of education sessions
that APTA says " will provide
ideas, insights and connections "
as transit professionals manage
the changing environment.
The APTA TRANSform Conference
will include two powerful
keynote speakers meant to inspire
and leave attendees empowered.
Dr. Cady Coleman will deliver
the opening keynote on Monday,
Nov. 8, and Jeff Henderson will
deliver the general session keynote
on Wednesday, Nov. 10.
Dr. Coleman is a former NASA
astronaut and Air Force colonel
who has spent more than 180 days
in space during two shuttle missions
and a six-month expedition
to the International Space Station,
where she acted as the lead robotics
and lead science officer.
and powerful story of personal
transformation illuminates audiences
with proven, high-impact
strategies that empower change
and inspire fulfillment.
Henderson discovered his
passion for cooking while serving
a near 10-year stint in federal
prison. Upon his release in
1996, he started as a dishwasher,
eventually working to become the
first African-American Chef de
Cuisine at Caesars Palace, being
named Las Vegas Chef of The
Year and then executive chef at
Café Bellagio.
Following the publishing of
his bestselling memoir, cookbooks
and self-help story, Henderson
travels the world teaching
his life-changing lessons and
working with at-risk young people
through his non-profit.
Up-to-date information on the
APTA TRANSform Conference
and EXPO is available at www.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2021 | | Mass Transit | 31
Coleman will
deliver the
opening keynote
on Monday,
Nov. 8.
will deliver the
general session
keynote on
Nov. 10.
Stay informed
of developments
at the show at


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