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Fare Collection
can figure out a way that they
don't have to obtain a card and
they can directly use a credit card,
we'll probably make more money
that way. And we'll make it more
convenient for the customers as
well, " Morton said.
Saskatoon Transit
TGO mobile
app offers
customers a
mobile ticketing
option, which is
also available in
Transit, through
a partnership
with Masabi.
overcoming several barriers. For
now, a more attainable expansion
would be to turn on open payments.
This would allow riders to
tap-to-pay with contactless credit
and debit cards instead of using
the HOLO card.
" We're looking at doing that
and particularly in our visitor
markets with our tourists. If we
NJ Transit Pilot
Leads to Streamlined
Michael Kilcoyne, senior vice
president of surface transit for
New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit),
says he and his team developed
the idea of using off-board fare
collection at the Port Authority
of New York and New Jersey
(Port Authority) Bus Terminal for
Route No. 126 during weeknight
evening peaks to help improve the
customer experience by generating
more consistent and timely
bus service, as well as eliminating
large queues of passengers.
" Because of that high volume
of traffic in that very constrained
environment, the ability to land
a bus on a platform when you
have five-to-seven-minute departures
off the same platform
is difficult and really can be enhanced
by loading a bus quicker, "
Kilcoyne explained.
Right now, Kilcoyne says it
typically takes more than three
minutes to load a full bus of passengers.
On top of that, customers
may sometimes have to wait for
two buses to come through before
they can finally board.
" So, the concept of having
customers pay their fare while
they're waiting for the bus to arrive
[is] certainly something that
seems to make sense because our
focus has been on increasing the
throughput through the terminal
without adding buses, " Kilcoyne
In a world of constant change, your number one
priority is the safety and security of your passengers.
TSI Video provides you with the tools necessary to
perform your job in the most effective manner.
For more information, visit
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