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Fare Collection
Instead of more buses, NJ
Transit is using articulated buses
for several bus routes. With this
increased capacity and off-board
fare collection, boarding times
can be cut in half. For example,
during a recent Friday there was
an incident in the Lincoln Tunnel,
delaying some buses' arrival.
When the bus arrived, it took one
minute and 15 seconds to board
a full bus. Comparatively, it took
two minutes and 22 seconds to do
the same thing on Route 128 in
the traditional boarding manner.
" One of the next phases of the
pilot is to adjust the doors on the
gates at the Port Authority Bus
Terminal, so that customers can
access both the front and rear
door when they board, which will
decrease that boarding time even
more, " Kilcoyne said.
Kilcoyne adds the agency is
finding the pilot to be successful,
with the expectation to expand
this to other routes that have similar
constrained timeframes with
large numbers of passengers.
" There are probably 10 other
routes that we are interested in
pursuing. A lot of the timing of
that will fall on post COVID-19
ridership levels. So, it's obvious
the benefit, but to really see the
impact to the queues in the terminal
we need to see those post
pandemic numbers rise before
we start to expand the project, "
Kilcoyne said.
Whether it's a new app with
mobile ticketing, account-based
smart cards or a new way to collect
payment, the opportunities
for fare collection seem endless.
" There are so many benefits
when transforming to digital
experience with more ways to
provide digital ticketing, whether
through an agency mobile
app, through retail networks
or through other applications
like ride-share or trip planners.
Getting key user groups involved
in the transition process helps
build the grass roots confidence
in the new solution, " concluded
NJ Transit
validate bus
fares prior to
riders boarding
the bus at the
Port Authority
Bus Terminal,
which has cut
boarding times
in half.
Off-grid lighting and passenger
amenities for every bus stop.
Thank you for the 250+ agencies who have
chosen Urban Solar solutions to enhance
safety and rider experience at over
16,000 bus stops.
Contact the Experts
503.356.5516 (USA) or 778.430.5516 (Canada)
For more information, visit
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8/12/21 3:16 PM


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