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all other aspects of the security directive
remain in place, including exemptions
and civil penalties.
Alexandria Transit Company
DASH LAUNCHED a redesigned bus network on Sept. 5 - the first since DASH
was established in 1984.
Alexandria Transit Company
launches New Dash Network
The Alexandria Transit Company (DASH) launched its New Dash Network
on Sept. 5, a complete overhaul of its bus service. DASH also began
fare-free service in conjunction with the new bus network. DASH CEO
and General Manager Josh Baker explained the changes enable DASH
to meet current and future needs of the community, as well as offer an
improved customer experience. The new network incorporates all-day,
frequent service on major transit corridors and provides more frequent
service to more people across Alexandria. The service and route changes
are designed to meet current and future transit ridership demand and
encourage more people to use transit. Nearly 60,000 additional Alexandria
residents will gain access to high-frequency service, and the number of
low-income residents with access to frequent transit will improve from 29
percent to more than 72 percent. The network launch is the first phase of
the larger Alexandria Transit Vision Plan, which seeks to create a more
inclusive, accessible and useful transit system by 2030.
Mask mandate for public transit
extended to January 2022
▶ The Transportation Security Administration
(TSA) published an updated
security directive on Aug. 20 that extends
the requirement for passengers and
employees on airplanes, public transportation
and intercity surface transportation
to wear face masks through
Jan. 18, 2022. The initial requirement for
face masks went into effect Feb. 1, 2021,
following President Joe Biden's Executive
Order " Promoting COVID-19 Safety in
Domestic and International Travel. " The
original directive's expiration of May 11
was extended to Sept. 13, 2021, and will
now remain in place through mid-January
2022. The Federal Transit Administration
updated its information page on the
requirement and explained that while the
date of enforcement has been extended,
8 | Mass Transit | | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2021
First rail installed for
Southwest LRT project
▶ Contractors installed the first rail of the
Southwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project
that will extend Metro Transit's Green
Line 14.5 miles between downtown
Minneapolis to St. Louis Park, Hopkins,
Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. The rail
was installed Aug. 11 near the future
Downtown Hopkins Station; one of 16
new stations being constructed along
the extension. Employment within half a
mile of the line's stations is expected to
grow to 80,900 by 2035 and by 18 percent
- 145,300 - in downtown Minneapolis
by the same year. The Metropolitan
Council estimates the population within
half a mile of the stations will grow by 56
percent by 2035 and the population of
downtown Minneapolis is expected to
grow by 117 percent. The $2-billion project,
which broke ground in December
2018, is more than 50 percent complete
with 11 of the 16 stations under construction
or nearly complete.
IndyGo secures nearly $81 million
for Purple Line BRT project
▶ The Indianapolis Public Transportation
Corporation (IndyGo) Purple Line Bus
Rapid Transit (BRT) Project to connect
downtown Indianapolis to the city of
Lawrence secured an $80.975-million
grant from the Federal Transit Administration
(FTA) through its Capital
Investment Grants (CIG) Program. The
$162-million project includes 18 new stations
on its 15.2-mile route that will serve
some of the highest concentrations of
low-income and zero-car households in
central Indiana. The Purple Line BRT will
replace an existing local bus route and
serve a total of 31 stations, which includes
13 existing Red Line stations. Additionally,
the service will utilize 5.3 miles of the Red
Line and construct 9.9 miles of exclusive
bus lanes. When the project opens for
service, which is expected in July 2024,
riders will board 15 60-foot electric buses
at enhanced stations with real-time
signage and ticket vending machines.
Traffic signal priority will be installed at
30 intersections along the route. Accessing
the route will be improved with 355
new or upgraded curb ramps and 9.5
miles of sidewalk infrastructure.


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