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Welcome to Sneak Peek!
This section features recently
introduced automotive tools and
equipment. See new products even
before automotive technicians read
about them in PTEN magazine.
The Brass Knuckle
The Thinkcar Platinum S20 features a large
13.3 " screen, OEM full system diagnostics,
28 maintenance resets, and bidirectional
functionality. Upgrades from the Platinum
S10 include passenger car plus heavy duty
coverage, quad-core processor, 256GB
memory, magnesium alloy exterior, web
browser, email, and square point of sale app.
The included oscilloscope, TPMS communicator,
videoscope, and EZ Battery tester
combined with ADAS support make the S20
a versatile tool. n
The OEMTOOLS Power Steering Pulley
Remover/Installer, No. 37031, fits pulleys
with hub diameters measuring 1-1/8 " , 1-1/4 " ,
1-5/16 " , and 1-3/8 " . It includes two screws
for use on most Ford, Chrysler, GM, and
VW power steering pulleys with Saginaw,
Thompson, and Ford C111 and C2 pumps. It
also pulls pulleys on GM belt driven vacuum
pumps and the pressed-on water pump pulleys
of GM V6 engines. It includes a molded
storage carrying case to keep tools organized
and secure. n
Gloves, No. BKCR4499,
are engineered to provide
impact protection, cut protection,
ideal grip in wet conditions,
high visibility, and comfort. The
gloves have machine knit, ultrahigh-molecular-weight
(UHMWPE) with ANSI cut level A5 protection
on the palms. The thermoplastic rubber
padding is sonically welded to the back of
the gloves for protection from impact hazards
and the gritty black nitrile palm coating
offers ideal wet grip. The gloves naturally
shape to the contours of the hand and flex
points, helping to ensure maximum comfort
and increased compliance. For extra durability,
SmartShell is double-stitched in highwear
areas including fingertips, index finger,
and palm. n
The TOPDON ArtiDiag600 Diagnostic Tool
is an Android-based scan tool featuring service
resets. According to the company, the
ArtiDiag600 expands upon the capabilities
of its ArtiDiag500 and allows the user to perform
service functions such as oil, SAS, EPB,
TPMS resets, and throttle body relearns. It
comes with free software updates and a
one-year hardware warranty. It offers multilingual
support. n
Scanner is easy to use. I simply
plugged it in and was able to scan very
quickly. It is nice looking, sturdy and wellmade
and a good price. Highly
recommend for anyone to use.
The Sellars Absorbent Materials DuraSoak
General Purpose Medium-Duty Absorbent
Pads, No.23200, are made with 60 percent
recycled shop towel fibers. The pads absorb
both oil and water as well as diesel fuel,
grease, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid,
coolants, and many other fluids. Meltblownspunbond
coverstock on both sides of the
absorbent core provides durable sorbent
pads. The pads are class A fire retardant
when dry, made in the U.S.A., and measure
15 " by 19 " . n
Technicians need all these products when replacing a power
steering pump. The gloves and glasses offer protection, the pulley
remover is needed for the job itself, and the absorbent pads reduce
the mess under the vehicle.
6 Professional Distributor I August 2021 I
The SPG300 Safety Glasses from Coast
Products are equipped with anti-fog and
anti-scratch clear lenses. They're ANSItested
for impact resistance and come with
replaceable lenses as well as a set of graycolored
lenses to enable safer work in bright
environments. Padding on the nose and
temple pieces ensures comfort for long days
and provides a snug, secure fit so that the
glasses stay on even during high-intensity
activities. The included soft pouch provides
an easy solution for protecting the glasses
and lenses while not in use. n


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