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This section features recently
introduced automotive tools and
equipment. See new products even
before automotive technicians read
about them in PTEN magazine.


The Cornwell Tools 15-pc 3/8 " Drive Bolt
Extractor Set, No. CTGBE15ST, is designed
to provide greater surface control for less
chance of slipping and less chance of damaging the bolt, the company says. The set
may be used to remove broken bolts or
replace new bolts. The size range includes:
1/4 " , 3/8 " , 7/16 " (11mm), 1/2 " , 9/16 " , 5/8 "
(16mm), 11/16 " , 3/4 " (19mm), 8mm (5/16 " ),
10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 17mm.
The set also includes a punch bar.
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The INFICON AST Leak Detector Line is
designed for leak detection in any automotive air conditioning system, from R-134a
and R-1234yf to CO2 and hydrogen forming gas applications. The AST (Automotive
Service Tools) line includes a UV inspection light to help verify the leak source in
systems where fluorescent dye is present.
AST300PPM and AST200IR Leak Detectors
are certified to both SAE J2791 and SAE
J2913 requirements and include a quick
check refrigerant gauge to verify refrigerant
levels in a R-1234yf system. The AST100FG
uses hydrogen forming gas, saving technicians on cost while reducing environmental impact compared to leak checking with
traditional refrigerant, the company says.
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The Matco Tools 3/8 " Stubby Push Button
Impact Wrench, No. MT2748M, features a
powerful hammer mechanism, providing
600 ft-lbs torque breakaway output in a
small package. Its
composite housing is resistant to
most automotive fluids and
offers one-handed operation with a
rear forward/reverse
push button design. It
has a rear regulator dial
to adjust torque output in
the forward direction and
a variable speed throttle for
precise control in tight spaces.


The Ansell HyFlex 11-939 Foam Gloves are
lightweight, cut-resistant, and oil-repellent
gloves featuring a reinforced thumb crotch
that provides increased durability for
extended wear. The gloves offer RIPEL
technology to keep oil from making contact
with the skin, keeping hands safe and dry.
Their lightweight 18 gauge design provides
dexterity as well as comfort. In addition, the
gloves feature FORTIX coating for extended
product use, have a knitwrist cuff style, and
are silicone free. They are available in black
or grey, and sizes from six to 11.

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The Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 1/2 "
Compact Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring,
No. 2855-20, delivers 250 ft-lbs of nut-busting and fastening torque while measuring
4.9 " . It features the company's Powerstate
brushless motor, Redlink Plus intelligence,
and Redlithium battery pack, as well
as Drive Control. With four-mode Drive
Control, the tool offers
greater precision with
a range of pre-set rpm
and ipm levels, and
includes auto shut-off
and bolt removal modes. For
increased visibility in confined
and low-light workspaces, the
cordless impact wrench
offers tri-LEDs that
deliver bright light
with less shadows.
The tool is also available as a kit.
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The Dannmar Swing-Arm Tire Changers,
Nos. DT-50 and DT-50A, feature a compact,
non-tilt design to fit in most shops as well
as a high-torque turntable with fast
operating speeds and reversedirection for easier tire swaps.
The rigid spring-assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft and
hardened steel
horizontal outrigger support
arm reduce flex
and the chance of
damaging expensive wheels, the
company says.
Both can efficiently handle 12 "
to 26 " wheels including difficult low-profile and run-flat beads. For the
stiffest sidewalls, the DT-50A adds a powerassist tower.
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