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a certification is created, training organizations like the CarQuest Training
Institute (CTI) and others will be able
to create more of a curriculum around
ADAS, which will make training more
widely available to shops and technicians.
Training can be broken down into
two parts, said Scott McKinney, product
marketing manager for Bosch.
*	 The first is actual repair training, so
knowing how to replace and work on
these ADAS systems.
*	 The second is calibration training, so
knowing when to calibrate, how to
calibrate, and being able to identify
what calibration needs to be done.

Out of both parts of ADAS training,
the most crucial factor is knowing when
to calibrate.
" Currently [ADAS] systems require
recalibrations when the vehicle's sensor
system has been disturbed in any way, "
said Gobin. " This most frequently takes
place in a collision, even if it was a minor
fender bender, but sensor disturbance
can also happen during frequent, common service work such as windshield
replacements, wheel alignments, and
even suspension repairs. "
In short, calibrations are becoming
necessary for some of the most routine
repairs. Shops must have the proper

Unlock the potential of
key programming

key programming capabilities. Brain Wendl, a
Mac Tools mobile tool distributor, warned that,
" There are few scan tools on the market that
will do [key programming.] [Some scan tool
providers] will have some key functionality,
but it's not going to be all keys. "
Additionally, he noted that many of the
dealership technicians he serves prefer using a
scan tool like Launch Tech's because it enables
them to program their keys faster than with
the dealer tool.
In the second scenario, technicians may
need a more specialized tool to handle
the programming.
" Some repair procedures will require direct
connection to the vehicle's immobilizer ECU, "
Putrino said, " which will first need to be
removed from the car, and then connected to
using a large variety of connectors. "
Autel's IM608 Immobilizer Scan Tool
and Launch Tech's X-Prog3 Immobilizer
Programmer are examples of tools a technician
could use in either scenario.
To take things one step further with key
programming, shops could also cut the
keys themselves. A kit such as XToolUSA's
Key Making System would allow them to do
just that. The system includes their Nitro
bidirectional scan tool for programming the
keys, their Triton key cutting machine, and
Nitrous Keys.

Being equipped to program keys
offers shops the ability to bring
in more revenue.

Key programming is a service many shops
don't offer, but it's a service that has the
potential to bring in a large amount of revenue.
" Vehicle key programming is a process of
reprogramming a preset blank chip in a new
car key so that it would allow that new key to
operate that vehicle and its various functions, "
said Haresh Gobin, product development
manager for Launch Tech USA.
Though this may sound like a daunting task,
XToolUSA's AutoPro Pad Product Manager, Tyler
Anzalone, described key programming as a
" very simple " and " very quick " process.
One of the biggest issues with breaking into
key programming is that shops don't have
the right tools and equipment for the job.

Tools and equipment

The necessary tools and equipment for key
programming will vary based on the job, but
overall, key programming can be broken down
into two scenarios, explained Vinie Putrino, a
lead ADAS technician for Autel.
Adding a key to a vehicle that already has
one or more working keys.
Programming a key when there are no
working keys - an all keys lost situation.
In the first scenario, all the technician needs
are the new key to program and a scan tool with

Licensing requirements

Before a technician can dive into key
programming, they must look into procuring

8 Professional Distributor I May 2021 I

Technicians can perform many dynamic
calibrations for ADAS using a diagnostic
scan tool.

a registered locksmith ID (LSID). An LSID is a
credential that identifies the technician as a
registered vehicle security professional (VSP).
As a VSP technicians have secure access to
key, immobilizer, and PIN codes through the
National Automotive Service Task Force's
Secure Data Release Model. Having this
access is essential to resolving an all keys
lost situation.
In addition to having an LSID, Putrino
cautioned that technicians should be aware
there may be specific security requirements
put in place by the manufacturer that must be
handled before programming a new key.

Sales Tips

The biggest incentive a mobile tool dealer
can provide a shop for purchasing key
programming tools is the revenue they'll be
able make off of selling keys. Whether the
shop is only programming keys or cutting
and programming keys, they'll be providing a
service not many do.
Many people only have one key for their
vehicle, pointed out Scott Gompper, national
sales manager for XToolUSA, but for certain
repairs technicians need two keys and most
people prefer to have a spare key in case
of emergencies.
" OE dealerships can charge upwards of $500
just to program the key FOB alone depending on
the model, " Launch Tech's Gobin said. " Shops
would be able to offer a replacement key and
offer the programming for a fraction of that price
and help the customer be on their way. "


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