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Introducing the
NEXIQ Pocket HD™

-instant access to vital diagnostic information.
The NEXIQ Pocket HD includes everything you need to connect to almost any commercial vehicle. No vehicle communication
interface is required-Pocket HD does it all for you. The scan tool comes pre-loaded with two software modules (both Light
and Medium Truck 2016 (LMT) and Heavy Duty Standard). And Pocket HD gives you immediate access to critical diagnostic
information, including fault information for all modules on most vehicles.

One-Button Regen
And with the addition of the HD/LMT DPF Regen software module, you can run a DPF Regeneration routine on most vehicles.
You can also add NEXIQ ABS Software Suite, which includes the Bendix®, Meritor WABCO®, and Trailer ABS suites.
Note: HD/LMT DPF Regen and the NEXIQ ABS Software Suite available separately. Ability to run special tests not included.
The perfect triage tool for aftermarket diesel technicians, fleet techs, OEM dealers, owner/operators, and non-repair
maintenance facilities.

Circle 259 on card, or enter at "e-inquiry" on

For more information, contact NEXIQ Technologies at 800-639-6774 or
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OBD-II Generic Scan Tools
OBD-II Enhanced Scan Tools
Heavy Duty Scan Tools
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ScanToolSpecGuide - Heavy Duty Scan Tools
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