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The Cojali USA Jaltest DATA-LINK features rugged
edges, technology capable of supporting four CAN channels, fast speeds, and ID 40 compliance, making it water- and dust-resistant, ideal for the
shop environment. Like any RP1210, it is designed to work with OEM software solutions
and provides a basic software that will read codes, clear codes, read
measurements, and ECM data for all makes and all models
at no extra cost and no renewal fee. The DATALINK also offers the option of upgrading
to Jaltest INFO online. Kit includes carrying case, Jaltest DATA-LINK, nine-pin
connector, OBD connector, six to nine pin
adapter, and all makes software.
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Cojali USA



The ThinkTool from Thinkcar is a modular
design tool for automotive diagnosis and
detection. It consists of a host machine and
12 functional modules. The host machine
can be used alone or with any of the additional modules. Combined with any of the
functional modules, ThinkTool is able to
complete a wide variety of diagnostic scenarios. ThinkTool has support for more than 160
vehicle brands, with the most comprehensive
and professional diagnostic functions. The 12
functional modules include a printer, printing
paper, the base, working light, videoscope,
thermal imager, battery tester, ThinkDiag
box, TPMS, scope box, sensor detection,
and projector.
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The Matco Tools Maximus Lite Diagnostic
Scan Tool, No. MDMAXLITE, is an Androidbased code reader that features full coverage
ABS, airbag, engine, and transmission codes,
live data, and graphing in a basic mode. In addition, it offers nine reset functions: oil reset,
EPB, battery, injector relearn, DPF, SAS, IMMO,
brake bleed, and TPMS relearn database. The
scan tool is easy to navigate with both a 5"
touchscreen and thumb pad navigation. Wi-Fi
enabled, it allows for one-click automatic
updates, as well as provides automatic health
reports with an email feature and MAXVIN for
quick vehicle identification. Add individual
makes (all module) enhanced coverage with
pay-by-month subscriptions..
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The CAS Gscan-3 Scan Tool multi-line,
Android-based tablet scanner
has coverage for domestic,
Asian, European, and commercial truck lines. Hyundai/
KIA OEM software, along
with J-2534 reprogramming
make this general-purpose
scan tool a cost-effective
alternative to purchasing
the Hyundai/KIA factory
tools, the company says. In addition, it offers an extensive ADAS
database of calibration procedures. According to the company, over
20,000 tracked and proven calibrations have been performed with the Gscan software.
Reporting capabilities include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications to both portable
and fixed location printers, as well as direct to vehicle owner email.
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a division of CAS



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