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The Bosch ESI [truck] Scan Tool,
No. 3824A, offers a solution to independent repair shops and fleets seeking a
single scan tool for all their heavy duty and
medium duty trucks, covering all major heavy
duty truck and medium duty truck engine,
transmission, and brake system combinations with diagnostics and embedded repair
information. Heavy duty diagnostics coverage
includes Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, Peterbilt, Sterling, and
Western Star. Medium duty coverage includes Sprinter Van, Isuzu, GM, and Ford. Engine
coverage includes Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel-MBE, Deutz, MTU, Navistar,
PACCAR, Perkins, and Volvo, and includes medium and light duty software. It can
also be used for a wide range of off-highway vehicles (agriculture, construction, and
others) with the addition of the 3824CBL-UPG Off-Highway Upgrade Kit.
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The Zurich ZR-PRO Professional OBD-II
Scanner is designed to offer sophisticated
diagnostics in an easy-to-use, affordable tablet. The ZR-PRO offers Bluetooth connectivity
to the vehicle and a fully functioning Android
tablet that includes a high-resolution camera.
Other notable features include global OBD-II
vehicle coverage with most U.S., Asian, and
European vehicles built after 1996; full health
system reporting and live graphing; Auto
VIN scan; bidirectional controls; OEM special functions, including battery reset procedures, electronic brake caliper release, key
fob relearns and more; and built-in DTC code
search. The tool is Wi-Fi enabled, with an 8"
IPS touchscreen display and convenient web
browser that allows users to download thirdparty apps. The scanner comes in an impactresistant case.
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The Electric Motion PDT Heartbeat 1001 parasitic drain tester is an automotive diagnostic
tool for 12V battery systems commonly used
on cars and trucks to give a conclusive pass/
fail result. It features special software and a
battery interface designed to allow for testing 100 percent of the vehicle by never breaking contact with the current, so testing goes
uninterrupted. The tool also features audible
alerts that will assist the technician in diagnosis and repair. With minimal technical ability
needed, the tool can save time and money by
taking the guesswork out of parasitic drains,
the company says.

The DrivePro ES from Opus | IVS is designed
to give technicians the confidence to repair complex vehicles safely and fast with licensed OE diagnostic software, remote programming, and calibration, while being connected to live
repair guidance from OE master technicians. DrivePro ES is equipped with licensed
OE diagnostic software to identify the root causes of issues for all major domestic,
Asian, and European vehicle brands. The built-in remote assist program (RAP) offers
hassle-free remote assisted flash programming
to eliminate the uncertainty of programming
complex vehicles by oneself. According to
the company, the rugged tablet is easy
to use and more affordable than buying
software directly from OEMs.
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Opus | IVS

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