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The Black Mamba Torque Grip Gloves
are designed to offer an enhanced grip
and improved protection for automotive
technicians. These gloves feature a raised
texture on the surface of the glove to provide a more precise grip on tools and parts.
These gloves were created in response to
customer demand for a disposable glove
that was tough enough to withstand the
tough tasks of a technician, the company
says. These gloves are designed to prevent
users from needing to change gloves multiple times due to ripping or tearing.
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The Coast PM500R Pro-Mount Rotating
Light emits a multi-mode, focusing beam
from a portable, turretstyle body to provide maximal
flexibility for
lighting configurations.
Standard features include
Coast's patented Pure Beam
optic system,
which allows the user to simply twist the
bezel for either a consistent flood beam or
use a high-intensity far-reaching spot beam
for long distances. Outfitted with a Coast
PivotPrecise 180-degree rotating optic, the
dust-resistant and weatherproof worklight
features a magnetic base, allowing the light
to be fixed to metal surfaces to provide task
lighting from the side, above, or below. The
light offers three power options and runs on
a Coast ZITHION-X rechargeable battery, AA
alkaline batteries, or continuously from an
AC outlet.


The Galeton Trax Safety Glasses are
designed to provide the user with superior
coverage and comfort. The lightweight safety
glasses wrap around and feature flexible rubber temple ends to keep them from slipping.
Available in clear (No. 13421) and smoke lens
(No. 13422). The smoke lens blocks over 99
percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. The
safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2015.
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The Wolverine ShiftPlus Work LX 6" Boot
is designed to provide the toughness of a
work boot with the comfort of a sneaker. It
features Wolverine's DuraSpring cushioning
to power through extra-long hours, and a
rubber lug wedge outsole for stability and
traction. The outsole and upper are forged
together for durability. A full-grain leather
upper and optional low-profile alloy safety
toe offer maximum protection without the
bulk. It also offers breathable waterproof
membrane with moisture-wicking mesh lining and a cushioning midsole.

The LightStar InfiniStar 700 is designed for
the working professional. The light is small
enough to fit in a pocket and bright enough
to light up a room. The 4" compact light offers
three modes: high, medium, and low. On high,
the light emits 700 lm and has a seven-hour
run-time. On medium, it emits 250 lm and
has a 10-hour run-time, and on low, it emits
35 lm and has a run-time of 40 hours. The
charging circuit is on the battery, allowing the
user to put a new battery in while the drained
one recharges.
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The Milwaukee Tool WORK SK IN
Lightweight Performance Shirts are made
to maximize user experience without hindering productivity. Milwaukee Tool redesigned
the shirts with improved comfort, mobility,
UV protection, and odor control for technicians who need a base layer that dries fast
and stays cool. The work shirts are made from
moisture-wicking fabric that helps users stay
dry, while the 100 percent polyester material
dries fast and resists wrinkles. Equipped with
a regular fit and long or short raglan sleeves,
the WORKSKIN shirts allow users to move
freely for comfortable all-day wear. The shirts
are available in two colors: gray and hi-vis.
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