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The SATAjet X
5500 Spray
Gun from
SATA Spray
gives painters the
choice between
two distinct spray
fan shapes "I" and "O" in
both HVLP (high volume low
pressure) and RP (reduced
pressure) application technologies.
The "O" nozzles have an oval-shaped spray
fan pattern with a larger dry zone, and a wet
core to accommodate increased application speed. The "I" nozzles have a parallel
spray fan pattern with a minimal dry zone
and a dryer center, which is ideal for painters preferring a reduced application speed.
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The SEM Products Dual-Mix Quick Set 50
- Clear is a transparent, two-component
urethane adhesive designed for plastic
repair and general bonding for virtually any
substrate. Dual-Mix Quick Set
50 - Clear is for technicians
seeking increased versatility, speed, and convenience when mounting emblems and
trim components,
or completing tab
repairs and other
bonding. It offers
transparent color,
a 45-second working time, and fast
cure that is ready
to sand in five minutes, according to
the company. In addition, all Dual-Mix Quick Set adhesives offer
an expanded range of suitable substrates,
including glass, concrete, and wood.
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JULY 2020


The CTA 7-pc Plastic Pry Bar Set, No.
5170, is designed for prying, scraping, fastener removing, and more. Each pry bar
is 7" long and has a hang hole. The plastic
design prevents scratching or marring of
sensitive surfaces.
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The Master Appliance Master D-Series Heat
Gun features an upgraded long-life universal
motor and an increased high 27 cfm and 3,400
fpm airflow. The heat gun is designed to be
versatile for use in many applications, including to bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts,
heat parts, shrink tubing (as well as packaging), strip paint, and more. The series features
die-cast aluminum housing for reliability, performance, and reparability. It also features
fixed air intake for temperature consistency,
quick-change plug-in heating elements, and a
complete offering of repair part kits for quick,
easy service.
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The H&S Autoshot
Nitro-Weld Plastic
Welder, No. UNI-8100,
is designed to be an all-inone solution for plastic repair
needs in the shop with hot staple, hot iron, and plastic welding
capabilities equipped. The system features
a built-in air compressor and contaminatefree nitrogen hot iron/staple capabilities
when reflowing or stapling, making it ideal
for professionals. The built-in compressor
eliminates hoses and noisy shop bleed air,
while allowing the system to be completely
portable. The system also offers digital control with two torches for both air welding
and hot staple/reflow functions. It runs on
115V and features an easy-to-use interface
panel, alarm indicator for low/no gas pressure, adjustable settings, power settings for
both hot staple and hot melt/reflow, visual
indicator nitrogen alert, and hot air mode for
gas conservation.
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The 3M Automotive Precision Poly Tape
is designed to help users tape with ease,
precision, and accuracy. The tape features
a unique polyethylene formula that is lowprofile, durable, waterproof, and highly conformable. With long-lasting UV resistance, it
can stay outside for a full week before risk
of adhesive transfer, the company says. The
pliable backing gives the user control and
maneuverability around curves and body
lines, while the indicator lines show when
it's stretched too far. A clean, straight tear
helps reduce slivering and leaves a professional edge without the need for razor blades
or tools.
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