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Astro Pneumatic
900lm Wireless Recharagable LED
Reviewed by Brian Culotta, shop foreman/master technician
at Dave's Auto Care in Willoughby, Ohio.
Q: How did the tool function
as far as saving you time?
A: Having a rechargeable battery saves
time in the workplace by not having to
worry about having backup replacement
batteries on hand.
Q: How easy was it to use?
A: Simple. The flashlight has multiple
brightness options to choose from using
one singular button.
The Astro Pneumatic Tool 900 lm
Wirelessly Rechargeable LED Slim
Light with Top Flashlight, No. 90SL,
is an adjustable output, magnetic swivel
base, slim light with press-and-hold
dimming functions, allowing 70-900
lm of output plus a 150 lm top light.
The light features a stainless-steel
base hook, a strong 20-lb magnetic
swivel base, charge level indicator
lights, a chemical-resistant nylon
body, a 4,500mAh capacity battery,
and a USB-C style charging cable and
adapter for quick charging. Light can
also be charged wirelessly using the
company's 52SL-WCP magnetic dual
charging pad, to charge one or two
lights at a time (not included).
Circle 78 on card or click " PTEN e-inquiry " on
Q: How has using this tool impacted
your shop's profitability?
A: Being able to see component failures
and repair them with confident visibility
equals increased sales and productivity.
Q: What kind of setup was involved
before using the product?
A: No setup was required other than
charging the light. I charge the battery
once every day when leaving work. The
battery lasts me all day.
Q: How was its packaging? Did it
come with any accessories?
A: The product was packaged well. The
flashlight came with a USB-C charger
and A/C adapter. Everything needed was
Q: Was there a manual included? If
so, did you use the manual, and was
the manual easy to understand?
A: Yes. The small manual included instructions
on changing the different modes the
light offered.
Q: What features did you like?
A: The magnet on this tool is the strongest
magnet I have ever experienced on a flashlight.
There is no fear of the flashlight falling
to its demise onto the concrete below
if accidentally " bumped " when working
on a vehicle.
Q: Is there any way you could think
to improve or add to this tool?
A: The addition of a UV light would be nice
for A/C leak detection. Wireless charging
would be convenient as well.
Q: What types of jobs/repairs
did you use this tool for?
A: I use this light frequently every day.
Q: How does this tool compare to
other tools you've used like it?
A: I have many flashlights. Almost too many.
This tool is in my top five favorites. The
strong pivoting magnet is the biggest standout
feature I observed. There are no more
arguments with your helper holding your
flashlight! Let the magnet hold it where
you need it.
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would
you rate this tool overall? Why?
A: I would rate this tool a 10. The flashlight
performs well, is very rugged, and
properly sized.
BRIAN CULOTTA is a graduate
of the Universal Technical
Institute in Chicago, Illinois.
After graduating, he started
working for an independent car
dealership as a lead technician
for seven years. He then moved to a new job at
an independent repair shop where he stayed for
three years. He now works at Dave's Auto Care in
Willoughby, Ohio, as the shop foreman and ASE
Master L1, L3 technician.
This product was given to the reviewer free of charge from the manufacturer. AUGUST 2023 PROFESSIONAL TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEWS 43

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