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Pico Technology
PicoScope 7
Reviewed by Pete Meier, director of training,
Vehicle Repair Group, Endeavor Business Media.
Q: How did the tool function
as far as saving you time?
A: I had the opportunity to use the latest
PicoScope 4425A running on their
latest software, PicoScope 7. I've been a
PicoScope user for many years, and would
call this combination a true " smart " scope
in that the leads and probes designed for
the PicoScope 4425A are powered by,
and instantly recognized by, the software.
The PicoScope 7 automatically
sets up the channel to match the probe
assigned. The new screen layout, designed
for touchscreen PCs and tablets, is very
user-friendly with the scope controls
more intuitive - great for first time
scope users.
Q: How would
this tool impact a
shop's profitability?
A: The savings in diagnostic
time the PicoScope 4425A
and PicoScope 7 software
combination provides is
a no-brainer. If I can gauge an engine's
mechanical condition in minutes, instead
of hours, that reduces my labor time. And
I can share the test results with my customer
to explain the need for the repairs
I'm recommending as well as validate the
repair once completed.
Pico Technology's latest software
version, PicoScope 7 Automotive,
is now available to download for free by
automotive repairers. Retaining all the
PicoScope 6 Automotive benefits, the
PicoScope 7 Automotive offers additional
usability enhancements to make
it easier for all technicians to learn and
use as well as performance improvements
under the hood. The guided
tests and waveform library have both
been redesigned and rebuilt and are
accessible within their own dedicated
browsers with touchscreen-friendly
navigation and controls. The latest
version is available on Windows 10,
macOS, and Linux operating systems.
Q: What kind of setup was involved
before using the product?
A: Set-up of the tool is minimal. Anyone can
visit the Pico Technology website, download
the PicoScope 7 software, and try it out
in demo mode prior to purchasing the hardware.
Current PicoScope owners, of course,
can use the new software on their existing
modules. As far as getting started, once the
software is downloaded, it is a simple matter
of following the prompts and setting up the
tool. You can be up and running in minutes.
Q: How easy was it to use?
A: If mated with the PicoScope 4425A,
it doesn't get any easier. Probes are
instantly recognized, channels are set
up automatically, and the interface is
user-friendly. I will add one caveat: Any
diagnostic tool, scope or scan tool, needs
some training in order to get the most
effective use out of it.
Q: How was its packaging?
A: The PicoScope 4425A comes in a hard
case, with molded foam protecting the
probes and scope module. The package
made available to me included a complete
accessory list of probes and leads including
a low- and high- amperage probe, COP
ignition paddle probe, and other essentials.
Q: What features did you like?
A: One exceptional feature is the guided
test option, which allows new users to
select a system or component test they
want to make and then be guided in what
probes or leads to use, how to connect the
scope and the option to let the software
set up the scope for the test. Additionally,
reference waveforms are included that the
user can use as a comparison, with more
in their waveform library, also included in
the software.
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would
you rate this tool overall?
A: I would rate the combination of the
PicoScope 4425A and PicoScope 7 software
a 10. It's a powerhouse diagnostic
scope that will make any tech's diagnostic
efforts easier and more efficient.
PETE MEIER is the director of
training for the Vehicle Repair
Group with Endeavor Business
Media. He is an ASE certified
Master Technician with over 35
years of practical experience as
a technician and educator. Meier spearheads the
Motor Age YouTube channel, delivering essential
training videos for technicians at all levels.
This product was given to the reviewer free of charge from the manufacturer. MAY 2022 PROFESSIONAL TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEWS 37


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