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K-Tool International
Video Borescope
Reviewed by Matthew Skundrich, owner of Mobile Advanced
Diagnostics & Programming in Saint Cloud, Fla.
Q: How did the tool function
as far as saving you time?
A: It gives the ability to see inside and behind
objects to have a better idea on what to disassemble.
For example, on some Kia/Hyundai
blind spots, you need the last two digits of the
serial number to see the angle of the radar.
The borescope made it much faster to read
the sticker with less removal of parts.
On a Nissan, I was able to get a picture of
the QR code. Then I had my phone read the
QR code from the tool screen, which saved
about 20 minutes of taking parts off and on.
Q: What kind of setup was involved
before using the product?
A: The only setup is to install four AA batteries,
which are not included.
Q: How easy was it to use?
A: Just turn it on-the video automatically
comes on. The light and zoom are adjustable
with the buttons on the bottom half of the
tool. Overall, it was simple to use.
The K-Tool International Video
Inspection Borescope, No.
KTIXD3K, is designed to give the user
lighted and color visual access into the
interior motors, electric components,
and hard-to-see areas. It features onboard
storage for up to 30 images and
a 180-image rotation. The tool is powered
by four AA batteries and features
a 2.5 " LCD screen, 46 " probe length,
and a fixed 8.5mm forward view imager.
Includes a mirror and a magnet/hook.
Circle 61 on card or click " PTEN e-inquiry "
Q: Was there a manual included?
A: The tool comes with a basic quick start
guide, which includes button functions
and standard warnings about proper usage.
Although easy to understand, it does lack an
explanation of the camera attachments.
Q: What features did you like?
A: The ability to take pictures is a notable
feature. The device requires nothing
to store these pictures as it has built-in
memory to store up to 30 pictures. It
would be useful to recall a picture to show
a customer.
Additionally, the digital zoom was effective
and the ability to adjust the light through
six brightness levels made the tool more
usable in some reflective areas.
Q: Is there any way you could think
to improve or add to this tool?
A: Overall, the picture quality is okay. I would
suggest developing a way to send pictures
or save them externally, for attachment to
invoices later.
I would suggest a further explanation of
the three camera attachments, either in the
instruction manual or a website or QR link
to a demonstration.
A storage bag would be advantageous
if only to keep dust and dirt off the tool
while stored.
Q: How was the product packaging?
Did it come with any accessories?
A: The box is nice. It holds the tool and keeps
it safe. Inside the back cover are clips that
can go on the camera. I am unsure about
the purpose of two of them, but the other
one is a 45-degree reflector, which I used
a few times.
Q: What types of jobs did
you use this tool for?
A: Overall, I found it most useful for ADAS
and checking to ensure connectors were
plugged in. One specific example is a BMW
fuse box buried in the back of the glove box.
By seeing into the back of the glove box, I
more quickly found the necessary number
to check the fuse. It sounds like a silly application
of the tool, I know, but it sure saves
time in hunting for fuses on those cars!
Similarly, the solenoid code and strategy
number on Ford transmissions for front
wheel drive vehicles can be buried. Using
this tool to snap a picture of the code saved
considerable time.
the past 15 years, Matthew
Skundrich has been diagnosing
and fixing automobiles. While
repairing vehicles, he also
attended Universal Technical
Institute, where he finished as student of the
course in several courses and maintained perfect
attendance. For the past 6 years, he has owned
and operated Mobile Advanced Diagnostics and
Programming. Providing the local area with dealer
services at their door. The services provided
to shops are module programming, key cutting,
diagnostics, and advanced drivers assistance
system calibrations. Additionally, Skundrich has
passed both ASE and I-Car certification tests.
This product was given to the reviewer free of charge from the manufacturer. SEPTEMBER 2022 PROFESSIONAL TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEWS 37

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