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XPH30R Headlamp
Reviewed by Randy Kaiser, technician/service and parts
manager, Rost Motor, Inc. in Manson, Iowa.
Q: How did the tool/equipment
function as far as saving you time?
A: This headlamp is a great timesaver. You
can slip it on and have it with you whenever
The four-mode XPH30R Headlamp
from Coast offers up to 1,000 lm on
Turbo Mode. Coast's patented Pure
Beam technology with a Twist Focus
optic enables seamless transitions
between the Ultra View flood beam
and Bulls-Eye spot beam at up to
165m. This headlamp's dust-resistant
and stormproof aluminum body
rolls in its bracket for dynamic directional
lighting-and can also detach
to become a handheld flashlight
with a built-in magnetic tail cap and
real-time power indicator. Featuring
Coast's Rechargeable-Dual Power
system for versatility on the job, the
headlamp runs on a Coast Zithion-X
rechargeable battery (charging cable
included) or CR123 lithium batteries
(purchased separately).
Circle 62 on card or click " PTEN e-inquiry "
you need extra light to see what you're working
on. It's rechargeable, so you don't have to
constantly be replacing the batteries.
Q: How easy was it to use?
A: It's actually very easy to use. There is a
switch in the end of the light that turns it on
and off and changes the brightness of the light.
The lens on the front of the light turns to adjust
the width of the beam of light. The body of
the light turns in the bracket to adjust how
far up or down the light points. If needed, the
light can be easily removed from the mounting
strap and used as a separate flashlight. The end
cap is magnetic, so it can attach to anything
metal, and shine where you need it.
Q: Did it come with any accessories?
A: The flashlight does come with a charging
cord. It has one USB-A connector and
two USB-C connectors. This makes it very
adaptable to charging from a computer or
power brick (which is not included). It also
means that you can actually charge two
devices at once, which is very handy.
Q: What features did you like?
A: The outer case is a very durable metal.
The light beam is adjustable from flood to
This product was given to the reviewer free of charge from the manufacturer.
spot. The end cap lights up to indicate battery
state of charge so that you know when
to recharge it. The end cap also unscrews
a little way to expose the charging port
for the battery, or you can take the battery
completely out and charge it. If you
need to take the battery out to charge it,
but still need to use the light, you can slip
in two CR 123 batteries so that you can
continue to use it. The light is very bright,
but if you need extra light for a short time
you can hold in the power button on the
end cap, and it goes into " Turbo Mode " and
puts out 1,000 lm of light while you hold
the button in. This level of light is designed
for short-term use, but handy if you need it.
Q: How could the tool be improved?
A: The power cycle will take some getting
used to. When you turn it on, it goes
to medium brightness and then cycles
through to high and then low. It's just different
than most that go from low to high
or vice versa.
Q: Is there any way you could think
to improve or add to this tool?
A: It would be nice if the light came with
a mounting plate that could be attached
to a hard hat for those that are required
to wear one. Then they wouldn't have to
bother with the mounting strap on their
hard hat.
RANDY KAISER started working
at Rost Motor, Inc. shortly after
graduating high school, and he
is still working there 48 years
later. Through the years, he has
been a lube tech, line tech, paint
and body tech, parts department head, service
manager, and is currently in charge of the parts
and service departments. Kaiser is ASE Master
Certified and a Ford Master Certified Technician,
as well as a Ford certified Service Manager and
Service Advisor.

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