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Composite 1/2 " Impact Wrench, No. 1125
Reviewed by Brian Noel, Automotive Mechanics Technology
Professor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California.
Q: How did the tool function
as far as saving you time?
A: The power output of this tool for its size
and weight is good, and its easy-to-operate
controls may save a little time and create a
better end-user experience.
Q: What kind of setup was involved
before using the product?
A: Like most air/pneumatic tools, the only
setup required was the installation of the
appropriate quick-connect fitting and oiling
of the tool.
Q: How easy was it to use?
A: This is as easy to use as any impact
wrench, but the lighter weight compared
to one with an all-metal housing makes
it more enjoyable to use over a longer
period of time. In addition, the controls
are easier to operate than those of many
impact wrenches.
The AIRCAT 1/2 " Composite
Impact Wrench, No. 1125, weighs 3.8
lbs and offers 1,250 ft-lbs of loosening
torque and 1,000 ft-lbs of maximum
torque. Other notable features include
a twin hammer mechanism, a patented
ergonomic handle design, a patented
quiet-tuned exhaust that reduces noise
level to 87 dBA, an easy-to-use forward/
reverse power management lever, and a
low-weight, durable composite housing
with a magnesium hammer case. The
tool measures 7.1 " in length.
Circle 58 on card or click " PTEN e-inquiry " on
Q: Was there a manual included? If
so, did you use the manual, and was
the manual easy to understand?
A: Like many air tools, the manual provides
various warnings and precautions
associated with the usage of the tool. It
also provides information on proper air
supply, a parts list with an exploded view,
maintenance information, and warranty
Q: What features did you like?
A: This impact wrench combines directional
control and power output into one
lever. The counter-clockwise direction is
automatically full power, and three different
power output levels are provided for
clockwise operation. This prevents the
possibility of accidentally trying to remove
a fastener with the impact wrench in a
lower power output setting. The lever is
also nicely positioned at the rear of the tool
making it easy to access and control (even
with heavier gloves on) without being easily
bumped out of the intended position.
Each setting offers a nice detent as well to
help prevent unintended mode switching.
Q: What types of jobs/repairs
did you use this tool for?
A: I used this in various typical impact
wrench use cases: removing and installing
lug nuts, removing crankshaft harmonic
balancer bolts, flywheel/flex plate bolts,
brake caliper anchor plate bolts, etc.
Q: Is there anything you had questions
or concerns about in regard to the tool?
A: While not necessary, some users like
to keep a protective boot/sleeve on their
impact wrench. The AIRCAT website
shows the 1150-BB on the product page
for the 1125, but the 1125 is not listed as
one of the compatible models for this protective
boot, so it is unclear as to whether
or not one is available for the 1125.
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would
you rate this tool overall? Why?
A: 8 out of 10. This tool seems welldesigned,
has good power output for its
size and weight, and is comfortable and
easy to control and use.
BRIAN NOEL is a full-time
Automotive Mechanics Technology
Professor at Cosumnes
River College in Sacramento,
CA. He teaches the Ford ASSET
program as well as a variety of
traditional automotive courses. Noel is a Ford
Senior Master Technician, ASE Master Automobile
Technician, ASE Advanced Level Specialist,
and CA BAR certified SMOG inspector, repair
technician, and instructor. He also holds a Bachelor
of Science degree in Career and Technical
Studies from California State University, Sacramento,
and is working towards a Master's degree
in Educational Technology, also from California
State University, Sacramento.
This product was given to the reviewer free of charge from the manufacturer. SEPTEMBER 2023 PROFESSIONAL TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEWS 39

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