The Art Guide - 7

Altamira Fine Art
Altamira Fine Art embraces maverick
artists who are simultaneously attuned
to international movements and regional
inspirations. The newly expanded showroom
hosts a wide variety of exhibitions and
events throughout the year.
480.949.1256 |
Amery Bohling Fine Art
Amery Bohling is best known for her
captivating paintings of the Grand Canyon,
but her love of the West is revealed in all
her work, from waterfalls in California to
seascapes in Cabo San Lucas.
480.970.8837 |
The ever-changing collection at Anticus
is curated with the goal of giving people
a variety of experiences from emerging
artists as well as bona fide masters.
480.483.5663 |
Art One Gallery, Inc.
Owner Kraig Foot opened Art One Gallery
with a single goal in mind: to provide a safe
space for students and up-and-coming local
artists to freely express their art to gain
experience within the industry.
480.946.5076 |
Bonner David Galleries
One of Scottsdale's largest galleries, Bonner
David presents dual exhibition spaces: one
representing the finest traditional paintings
and sculptures while the other is devoted to
the best in contemporary art.
480.941.8500 |
Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery
Moments of reflection, wonder and awe
fill the work of artist and gallery owner
Cyndy Carstens. Her paintings are inspired
by the ever-changing light and colors of the
Southwestern landscape.
480.946.3217 |
DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal
The gallery features more than 11 international
artists ranging from original metal art by
Chris DeRubeis to bronze sculptures, metal
wall sculptures, paintings on wood and original
oil paintings by a variety of artists.
480.941.6033 |
French Designer Jeweler
Celebrating more than 25 years on Main
Street, this working, goldsmith-owned
gallery for the jewelry arts is a destination for
those seeking original creations in precious
metals and gemstones.
480.994.4717 |

The Art Guide

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