The Art Guide - 8

Gebert Contemporary
The bi-level exhibition space of Gebert
Contemporary features the work of 30
established artists of local, national and
international origin.
480.429.0711 |
J Klein Gallery
The gallery showcases three family artists
- Jim Klein, Jeffrey Berryman and Dan
Ostermiller - who combine decades of talent
in painting, bronze sculpture, mixed media
and classical music.
480.941.3442 |
Jim Sudal Ceramic Design
Jim Sudal creates unique ceramic murals, tiles,
pottery, furniture, lighting and accessories
inspired by the plants of the Sonoran Desert.
480.947.2254 |
King Galleries
Established in 1996, the gallery features
pottery by today's leading Native American
artists and important signed historic work
from the 1920s onward.
480.481.0187 |
Larsen Gallery
The Larsen Gallery has specialized in
consigning fine art for sale on the secondary
market for more than 28 years. We also host
the annual Larsen Art Auctions every April
and October.
480.941.0900 |
The Legacy Gallery
A staple in the art world for more than 34
years, The Legacy Gallery represents the top
Western artists, including Martin Grelle, Kyle
Polzin, John Coleman, and Bill Anton and
Glenn Dean, just to name a few.
480.945.1113 |
Opened in 2009, MAINVIEW Gallery is home
to some of the leading artists in the country,
such as Kent Wallis, Dale Terbush, Alan
Wolton, James Muir, Pino and many more.
480.990.1515 |
The Marshall Gallery
A staple of the Scottsdale art scene
since 1998, the gallery features a fine art
collection highlighting sculptures and
paintings by acclaimed local, national and
international artists.
480.970.3111 |
On The Edge Gallery
On The Edge Gallery, a non-profit corporation,
represents over 40 local Arizona artists,
displaying their original fine art in this airy
2,400 square-foot gallery.
480.265.8991 |
Paul Scott Gallery
Paul Scott Gallery represents an impressive
group of international painters and sculptors
whose styles range from classical realism to
modern contemporary.
480.596.9533 |
Pejman Gallery
The gallery exhibits oil paintings by artist
Bob Pejman, as well as original paintings by
leading American and European artists, and
the sculptures of Gaylord Ho.
480.970.1505 |
Quan'tum Art Inc.
Quan'tum Art features works by the gallery's
three artist/owners, John Gleason, Jacque L.
Keller and Suzanne Larson, as well as works
by acclaimed potter Alvin Pace and other
well-known artists.
480.216.0450 |

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